Challenge Yourself. Take Learning Risks. Reach Your Potential.

A Rigorous College Prep Curriculum
Archmere’s rigorous college preparatory program challenges students to expand their thinking, sharpen their skills, take ownership of their learning potential, and explore new opportunities that empower them to reach an unprecedented level of personal distinction and achievement.
Committed, Caring, Credentialed Teachers
Archmere’s greatest asset is its committed faculty, an experienced, credentialed, and talented group of women and men dedicated to academic excellence. In the classroom, faculty members focus on a challenging college-prep curriculum dedicated to developing critical thinking skills, intellectual questioning and academic discipline.
The faculty engage students on a personal level in a small, encouraging setting, and teachers help guide the students to become organized, self-motivated, and ultimately, independent learners. Teachers are accessible throughout the school day, before school, during school free periods and after school until 4:30 p.m.
Archmere faculty members are also actively engaged in the students’ lives outside the classroom. Teachers serve as academic advisers, mentors, activity moderators and athletic coaches, helping students to envision a world that extends their values beyond the classrooms.
"I took advantage of the many AP courses offered at Archmere. As a result of a rigorous schedule, I entered college as a sophomore. I found the classwork at one of the top 10 schools in the nation to be 'less' demanding than my courses at Archmere, and I was tremendously well-prepared for my future academic career. I cannot possibly imagine any other school delivering an even remotely-comparable experience."
- Archmere Alumni Survey

Classroom News

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  • March 2020

    Guidance Resources for Families

    Dear Parents:
    Please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers, especially as we enter another week of distance learning. We set up a "sign-up genius" for all of you to contact a member of the Guidance Department (Fr. Zagarella, Mrs. Campion, Mrs. Hendrixson, Mrs. Doroh, Ms. Pileggi, Mr. Jezyk) if you needed/wanted to reach one of us. We had a Department Meeting via ZOOM and agreed that it might just be simpler to to contact us via email. So, if you would like to speak to one of us, just send an email to whomever you'd like to speak and also a time that might work best for you between 9am and 3:30pm. You might also include in the email what you'd like to speak about so we can be best prepared. An email with the same information requesting a meeting has been sent to the students. Finally, during these very strange and challenging days, may I ask that we set aside some time each day to pray, alone and as a family, for the Lord's protection and care for loved ones near and far.  May God Bless you and those you love. We will get through this!!
    Fr. John C. Zagarella, O.Praem.

    Athletic Training Daily Workouts

    Even though our teams cannot practice, that does not mean that athletes cannot do things to keep themselves fit and ready for a return to sports either this season or for the fall. There are a number of injury prevention programs, strength maintenance with body weight, even low weight, high rep lifting programs using household items to maintain some strength and develop muscle tone  - all of which our athletes can be doing to keep their skills up.

    Starting on Tuesday, March 24, the Athletic Department will post links, written descriptions, etc. to the Archmere Auks Athletic Training Facebook Page with a new exercise/fitness suggestion for that day. 

    Freshman Class Travels to See Performance of Shakespeare in Love

    Spring was in the air in early March as the freshman class traveled to the People's Light Theater in Malvern to see a performance of Shakespeare in Love. Following the show, students had a Q&A session with the actors who discussed elements of craft and production. This experience supported students' upcoming curricular study of Shakespearean comedy. When students arrived back at school, they had a chance to talk about the play and participate in a community service activity.


Pietate et Scientia

Archmere Academy is a private, Catholic, college preparatory co-educational academy,
grades 9-12 founded in 1932 by the Norbertine Fathers.