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A Rigorous College Prep Curriculum
Archmere’s rigorous college preparatory program challenges students to expand their thinking, sharpen their skills, take ownership of their learning potential, and explore new opportunities that empower them to reach an unprecedented level of personal distinction and achievement.
Committed, Caring, Credentialed Teachers
Archmere’s greatest asset is its committed faculty, an experienced, credentialed, and talented group of women and men dedicated to academic excellence. In the classroom, faculty members focus on a challenging college-prep curriculum dedicated to developing critical thinking skills, intellectual questioning and academic discipline.
The faculty engage students on a personal level in a small, encouraging setting, and teachers help guide the students to become organized, self-motivated, and ultimately, independent learners. Teachers are accessible throughout the school day, before school, during school free periods and after school until 4:30 p.m.
Archmere faculty members are also actively engaged in the students’ lives outside the classroom. Teachers serve as academic advisers, mentors, activity moderators and athletic coaches, helping students to envision a world that extends their values beyond the classrooms.

Classroom News

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  • May 2020

    Students Participate in US National Chemistry Olympiad

    Nicholas Zhu, class of 2022, and Alex Lu, class of 2021, represented Archmere in the Delaware state competition of the ACS US National Chemistry Olympiad last month. Because of the Covid crisis, it was an online competition without a lab component. Nicholas Zhu '22 placed first in the state of Delaware. The U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad (USNCO) program is a chemistry competition for high school students. The purpose of the competition is to stimulate young people to achieve excellence in chemistry. The American Chemical Society has sponsored the program since 1984. 

    Freshmen Named Finalists in National History Day Competition

    Congratulations to the following freshman for being considered finalists in the Delaware competition of National History Day: Jessica Grier, Helen Qi, and Sydney Vakili. National History Day is a year-long academic program focused on historical research, interpretation and creative expression for 6th- to 12th-grade students. This year's theme was "breaking barriers". Archmere freshman Alexander Chen's paper about the Fall of Constantinople earned 2nd place and will be headed to the national competition this year. By participating in NHD, students become writers, filmmakers, web designers, playwrights and artists as they create unique contemporary expressions of history. The experience culminates in a series of contests at the local and affiliate levels and an annual national competition in the nation's capital in June.

    National History Day is a nonprofit educational organization that promotes the teaching and learning of history in middle and high schools around the world through a variety of programs for teachers and students. The largest program is the National History Day Contest. Established in 1974, the National History Day Contest encourages more than half a million middle and high school students around the world to conduct original research on historical topics of interest. Students present projects at the local and affiliate levels.

    Juniors Selected as Archmere Candidates for Science Awards

    James D'Elia '21 has been selected as the Archmere candidate for the Rensselaer Medal program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The program qualifies James to apply for a competitive scholarship program at RPI.
    Kate Walsh '21 has been selected as the Archmere candidate for the Bausch and Lomb Science Medal program at University of Rochester. The program qualifies Katie to apply for a competitive scholarship program at Rochester.
    Three students were selected to represent Archmere in the interview process associated with a scholarship program sponsored by the Delaware Valley Science Council. Congratulations to Maggie Dempsey '21, Alex Lu '21, and Sanjay Long '21 for being selected for this program.

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"I took advantage of the many AP courses offered at Archmere. As a result of a rigorous schedule, I entered college as a sophomore. I found the classwork at one of the top 10 schools in the nation to be 'less' demanding than my courses at Archmere, and I was tremendously well-prepared for my future academic career. I cannot possibly imagine any other school delivering an even remotely-comparable experience."
- Archmere Alumni Survey

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Archmere Academy is a private, Catholic, college preparatory co-educational academy,
grades 9-12 founded in 1932 by the Norbertine Fathers.