College Admission Auks-ervations


  • September

    Monthly College Counseling Update: September 2019

    Fall Meetings and College Admission Visits

    It’s fall application and meeting session time in the College Counseling Office. All seniors are required to meet with their college counselor to finalize their application plan as October 15th and November 1st deadlines are right around the corner. Over the next six weeks, the Office will process approximately 1,000 application requests.
  • August

    Reflecting & Connecting Grayson and the College Admission Process

    Catherine Souza
    Just like many of you, I spent some time during my final week of summer to read our schoolwide book, Grayson by Lynne Cox. While it might have been better if I had finished up the required reading before the last week of summer (sorry, Mr. Jordan), it ended up being serendipitous timing as it allowed me to funnel the book through my day to day work with seniors on their essays and search process. I was struck several times how Cox’s words about searching for the mother of a gray whale could work so wonderfully to explain and provide insight into the college search process. In fact, I was able to find a quote for each of the four classes that align well with their current status in searching for schools and have shared my thoughts below. Enjoy!

  • Preparing for College Transition

    Chris Boehm
    Tassels have been turned and after the summer you will be off to a new home. You spent four years working hard to gain admission to, and succeed, at a wonderful university. After spending almost 18 months or more on the college search, application, and selection process, we recommend you focus on the words of wisdom below and specifically prepare for the transition process to college. Why? Well, nationally almost 40% of students do not return to the same school they were enrolled at as a freshman. And how you go to school matters much more than where.
    You have the ability and motivation to succeed. We’d like to make you aware of the best practices to make the most of your abilities and the resources at your disposal to have the best possible first year of college.
  • May

    Class of 2019 on College Decision Day

    Monthly College Counseling Update: May 2019

    End of Year Programs

    It’s been a wonderfully hectic post Spring Break in College Counseling, commencing on May 1st with our College Decision Day celebration (see photo). Last week we hosted the College Admission After School Workshops for juniors and sophomores. Almost fifty students participated in two classroom sessions. Students had the option of attending sessions entitled College Fit, Early Action/Early Decision, and Supplemental Essays. Admission guests from Syracuse, Colgate, Lynn, Muhlenberg, Lehigh, and Fairfield were kind enough to share their wisdom with our students. 
  • April

    Class of 2018

    Monthly College Counseling Update: April 2019

    May 1 Decision Day is Coming! 

    On May 1st, we will celebrate College Decision Day with the seniors. We do so to recognize their Archmere accomplishments and celebrate their futures. Seniors will wear apparel from their future schools and gather on the steps of St. Norbert’s at the end of the day for a class photo, just as they will at graduation a month later. The day will also include an all-day photo booth, Rita’s Water Ice, and other fun activities. Everyone is welcome to join in on the "end of the day" fun.  
  • March

    Monthly College Counseling Update: March 2019


    Final college decisions will be out next week and all seniors will transition to the final stage of the college search process - making their decision. This will include reviewing aid and scholarship offers, attending accepted student programs, and comparing all options. College Counseling is here to assist students and families with any part of the final decision, including waitlist strategies.
  • February

    Monthly College Counseling Update: February 2019

    Senior Decisions

    The final round of admission decisions have begun to be released and schools will continue to share decisions until the end of March. As this occurs, students will transition from waiting for decisions to choosing where they’ll enroll. This process will include revisiting campuses, attending accepting student days, circling back to priorities, and comparing financial aid awards and deciding on value. The College Counseling Office continues to communicate with and be accessible to seniors and their families. Please reach out to us if you have questions.
  • January

    Monthly College Counseling Update: January 2019

    Class of 2020!

    Almost all introductory student meetings have been completed as well as the second parent night. Family meeting appointments will open up next week and Junior College Seminar classes began on Tuesday with the start of the new semester.  
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