Endowment & Scholarship Funds

Endowments are funds that are allowed to mature over time, ensuring the long-term stability and future of an institution. Giving to the endowment helps Archmere plan its financial future, which ultimately shapes the educational program we deliver and the environment in which we offer it.

When giving to Archmere, you can make a gift to the overall endowment fund, you can designate your gift to one of our many scholarship funds, or you can also establish a new scholarship fund. To give to the endowment or to a scholarship fund, use the form on this page. If you are designating the gift, be sure to include the name of the scholarship fund in the box below the payment details.

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    Mrs. Katherine Ball-Weir CFRE 

    Director of Institutional Advancement
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    Mrs. Elaine Reilly 83

    Chief Advancement Officer
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Scholarship Funds

Archmere Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship Fund
Jerry Ambrogi Family Scholarship
Paul & Mary Andrisani Scholarship Fund
Willard and Lyli Anzilotti Scholarship Fund
Appleton Family Scholarship
Rev. Alexander Arendt, O.Praem. Memorial Scholarship
Behavioral Health Programming Endowment Fund
Stacey Weaver Berrier '84 Scholarship Fund
Naomi Christina Biden Diversity Scholarship Fund
Amanda Chandler Calabro '03 Performing Arts Fund
John J. Carroll Memorial Scholarship Fund
Fred Casino '81 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Joseph J. and Kathleen M. Clark Family Scholarship
Class of 1946 Scholarship
Class of 1957 Scholarship
Class of 1962 Scholarship
Class of 1963 Scholarship
Class of 1964 Scholarship
Class of 1965 Scholarship
Class of 1966 Scholarship
Class of 1979 Scholarship
Class of 1983 Scholarship
Class of 1987 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Class of 1989 Buddy Hurlock Memorial Fund
Paul Clemens Scholarship
David Coates '84 Scholarship Fund
John J. Cunningham, Jr. '78 and Alyce Cunningham Scholarship Fund
Michael P. Curcio '06 Emerging Artist Award Fund
Archmere Curriculum Enrichment Fund
Joseph Davolos '59 Scholarship
Stuart Degginger '39 Scholarship
Denning Family Scholarship Fund
Edward D. Devine Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kevin Dieter, M.D. '75 Scholarship
Phyllis Jennings DiNardo Memorial Scholarship Fund
Rev. Justin E. Diny Memorial Scholarship Funded by the Class of 1949
Rev. Justin E. Diny, O.Praem. Memorial Scholarship
Patricia DiSabatino Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mark Lee Dombroski Endowed Scholarship
Anthony R. Domino '87 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Robert W. Donahue '66 Scholarship
Martin J. Donnelly Scholarship
Edward T. Doyle and Helen M. Doyle Memorial Scholarship Fund
Endowment Scholarship Fund
Farrell Family Scholarship
Father's Club Scholarship
Rev. George Feldman, O.Praem. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Filliben Family Scholarship
Flynn Family Scholarship Fund
The Edward E. Ford Foundation Minority Scholarship Fund
Founder's Scholarship
Rev. Vincent Freiberg, O.Praem. Scholarship
Joan Gremminger Gatti '81 Scholarship Fund
Giacco Family Scholarship
Ralph E. Giles Scholarship Fund
Gilroy Family Scholarship
Mark Giordano '95 Memorial Achievement Award Fund
Goett Family Scholarship
Grabowski Family Fund
Green Family Scholarship
Gunnip Family Scholarship
Hansel Family Scholarship
John J. and Joan P. Hare Endowment Scholarship Fund
Hauer Family Scholarship
Hickman Family Scholarship Fund
Rev. Daniel Hurley, O.Praem. Scholarship
Mercedes Hutchins Memorial Scholarship
Gerard S. & Mabel Iriarte Minority Scholarship Fund
John J. Jordan '80 Scholarship Fund
John P. Kelly '63 Scholarship
John H. Kennedy, III '98 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Rev. Henry Kerr '58 O.Praem. Memorial Scholarship
Abbot Sylvester Killeen, O.Praem. Scholarship
Margaret C. King Memorial Scholarship Fund
John & Lottie Kwoka Memorial Scholarship
Laffey/McHugh Minority Scholarship Fund
Carolyn Handy Letts Memorial Scholarship Fund
LoBosco-Fleitz Family Scholarship
Abbot John M. Logan, O.Praem. Scholarship Fund
Lucchese-Orzel Family Endowment - The Courage Award
Frank Mariani Memorial Scholarship Fund
Pasquale and Helen Marinelli Memorial Scholarship Fund
Pasquale Marinelli '91 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Daniel J. Marino, Jr. '65 Memorial Scholarship Fund
William Mathews '70 Memorial Scholarship Fund
MBNA Minority Scholarship Endowment
Rev. Michael J. McKeough, O.Praem. Memorial Scholarship
Rev. Joseph McLaughlin, O.Praem. Jubilee Diversity Scholarship Fund
Rev. Joseph McLaughlin, O.Praem. Scholarship Fund
Miller-Wood Minority Scholarship Fund
Mothers' Guild Scholarship Fund
Henry L. Mugel '55 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Campaign for Archmere in memory of Rev. Timothy F. Mullen '65
Nativity Prep Scholarship Fund
Abbot John E. Neitzel, O.Praem. Scholarship Fund
Norbertine Fathers Scholarship
John O'Meara Scholarship Fund
Olivero Family Scholarship
Opus Bonum Scholarship Fund
Rev. Roger W. Paider, O.Praem. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Abbot Bernard H. Pennings, O.Praem. Memorial Scholarship
Penza-Ciconte Family Scholarship
Charles A. Petrillo Family Scholarship Fund
Piane Family Scholarship
Raskob Family Scholarship
Raskob Family Second Generation Scholarship Fund
Schulman Scholarship Fund in Memory of Anthony Penna '19
Scully Family Endowment Scholarship
Richard '59 and Ann Seidel Family Scholarship
Archmere Student Council Scholarship
Sullivan Family Scholarship
Swoyer Family Scholarship
Msgr. Paul J. Taggart '36 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mark T. Vandenbraak '72 Memorial Scholarship Fund
Voell Family Scholarship Fund
Wang Family Scholarship Fund
Wensel Family Scholarship
Will White Baseball Field Maintenance Fund
Wilmington Diocese Scholarship Fund
Joseph Yurri/Albert Yuravich Scholarship Fund
Joseph J. Zakielarz III Scholarship Fund

Pietate et Scientia

Archmere Academy is a private, Catholic, college preparatory co-educational academy,
grades 9-12 founded in 1932 by the Norbertine Fathers.