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  • Scholarships & Financial Assistance

    Imagine being stuck in the middle of the ocean, trying to fight your way to shore but your energy is running low. Then all of a sudden, a raft boat comes and the person inside pulls you into the boat helping you safely make your way to shore. That is how I felt when Archmere came into my life. 
    I was going through a very dark time in my life before my time at Archmere. My brother had just died, my mom was incarcerated and truth be told I was a lost soul headed down a road of rebellion and anarchy. Archmere showed me that it is okay to go outside of my comfort zone, it’s okay to want better for yourself. At Archmere I was able to be myself in ways that my community back at home did not allow. It is because of Archmere, that I am the person I am today. 
    I never thought that I would see the day when, me, a girl from Chester would graduate from a school with such prestige. Where I’m from, you already have a label on you before you’re born. Growing up fatherless, with a drug addicted mother I was not supposed to be where I am today. I was supposed to be another statistic but Archmere has shown me that I can defy those odds. It also has shown me that no matter what the circumstances are I DO NOT have to be a product of my environment. I will be eternally grateful for the confidence, opportunities, relationships, and most of all love and acceptance that was given to me by Archmere. Archmere is a very special place to me that I will always hold very near and dear to my heart. I was lost but because of Archmere Academy I am now found.

    JaNyiah Rothwell ’17
  • Athletic Programs

    Sports offers many high schoolers a way to find new friends, stay in shape, and develop new talents. Throughout my time at Archmere, I participated in various sports, including four years of soccer, but no experience was more enjoyable or impactful to me than swimming. Over the last four years, I have seen tremendous growth in the number of swimmers from my freshmen year with just over ten boys to this year with over thirty boys on the team! Big or small, the swim team has given me so many friendships, opportunities, and memories. 
    The members of the team have a great sense of comradery, and families and friends have created an equally supportive community that surrounds the team.  At practice, although it is sometimes a challenge given the pace, it is fun to talk with friends and make new friends! The powerful sense of community and family that I have felt as a team member for the last four years is indescribable, and I believe that every student at Archmere experiences it, as well. My athletic career has not only grown through my participation in swimming, but I believe that swimming has given me something much more important – lasting memories. The memories that I have created through my swim team experience are some of the happiest and most enjoyable as a student at Archmere, and I will remember them forever.
    Not knowing many people starting my freshman year was a little scary, but playing sports allowed me to meet new people and cultivate friendships that I hope will last forever. Like the swim team, all of the sports at Archmere help to create a sense of community and welcoming. I really do believe that, for me, there has been no better experience or sports opportunity than the Archmere Swim Team.
    Sam Linton ’18
  • Clubs & Activities

    Imagine cramming 30 high school students into a classroom on a Saturday with only one instruction: come up with a solution to regaining stability in and around Syria. You may laugh at this seemingly impossible task, but we welcome that challenge. You’d be surprised the number of Archmere students who wake up at 8 A.M. to debate the most complex challenges with our peers from around the state, taking on the perspectives of Japan, Pakistan, Macedonia and everywhere in between. However, we haven’t always been like this.
    When we entered our first Model UN conference, we were afraid to defend our country’s position. We began to speak up as we realized that we didn’t need to argue our own opinion on the ebola crisis, we just needed to fight for more hospitals in Nigeria. This newfound confidence in speaking enabled us to involve ourselves in the Archmere community. While one of us used this confidence in finding her niche as a lawyer on the Archmere Mock Trial team, the other found the courage to audition for the Archmere Mastersingers and the drama club productions.
    As we near graduation and reflect on the impact we’ve made on our Archmere community, the skills we’ve built at Model UN have shaped our perspective of our role in the world. We’ve been able to understand the importance of collaboration, diversity, and empathy as we put ourselves in the shoes of world leaders with perspectives drastically different from ourselves. With these ideas in mind, we’ve been able to work alongside our peers to share all that we’ve learned to improve our community: whether it be through fundraising to support female education through the Outreach to India Club or to support childhood cancer patients across the country through B+. 
    Through Model UN, Archmere inspired us to blossom into confident agents of change. Once afraid to advocate for the ideas we were passionate about, we eagerly seek out opportunities to lend our voice to make an impact on the Archmere community and the world.
    Natasha Gengler ’18 & Maddi Larmore ‘18

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  • Academic Programs

    Being a teenager in our society and culture is complex - much more so than when I was growing up.  Managing social media, processing lots of information at an accelerated pace, and hearing and analyzing more diverse and, often times, conflicting opinions just about every topic you can imagine, our young people need the support of family, friends, and trusted school teachers, coaches, and counselors. We help our students to understand that it is okay to be a kid, to make mistakes, to have feelings, and to change as they grow and come to know themselves. 
    We know that every child is unique and we have students at different levels of academic ability and social and emotional development, with varied skills, interests, and personal histories. Our learning specialist, Mrs. Joyce Campion, works with students with different learning styles, often to enhance the talents and tools they use for learning. Mrs. Campion often says, “There is nothing more exciting than to see students who once struggled with keeping up with required work in courses, gradually discover personal pathways to successfully manage their assignments, and surprise themselves at what they could achieve.”
    I like to think that I, and the other counselors, can help provide a safe, accepting space for students to be themselves, a space where gentle, patient and attentive professionals walk along side our students - especially when they approach issues which are challenging and may be difficult to confront.   
    I can say that it is nothing less than walking on holy ground when students enter the office with an issue only to leave relieved and unburdened, armed with honesty and insight, knowing they were in the presence of someone who listened, one who truly cares.  Saint Norbert, our patron saint, worked compassionately for peace and concord. That is what I hope to provide every day as a priest and counselor to our student and families.

    Father John Zagarella, O.Praem.
    Director of Guidance
  • Visual & Performing Arts

    Visual Arts
    Archmere’s visual arts program has thrived over many decades, continually producing students who garner major art scholarships and awards.  Many have matriculated from the most distinguished Art and Architectural programs in the nation such as Yale, Penn, RISD, Harvard, Syracuse, Cornell, Pratt, M.I.T, School of Visual Arts, Syracuse, and NYU. Many artistic Auks have gone on to enjoy international acclaim, including:
    • Co-designer of the Twin Towers of Light in New York
    • Founder of the game development studio, THIS IS POP
    • Fashion designer whose work was recently featured in the Museum of Modern Art
    • Photographer whose works have adorned the covers of Time and Newsweek
    • Chief Architectural Engineer for the Metropolitan Museum of Art
    These success stories are a direct result of the Archmere Fund. By supporting the Visual Arts at Archmere, you enable the next generation of artists to explore their creativity during their formative years in the Manor.
    - Terry Newitt

    Performing Arts
    Soprano Meagan Miller ’92 was involved in the musicals at Archmere, played flute in the Band, and was, of course, a member of the Mastersingers. She went on to study at Washington & Lee University for two years, where she performed in her first opera and first full-length recital, before following her passion to the Juilliard School.

    “The experience of singing in the Mastersingers was very unique,” says Meagan. “The repertoire and training that we were exposed to, the opportunity to use our voices classically – a lot of school programs did not have that.”

    “Arts and promoting success in the arts were so much a part of the culture at Archmere that it was accepted to be creative and to thrive in those areas. This builds a special confidence that extends to all facets of life,” says Meagan, who is passionate about keeping art and music instruction in the curriculum of all schools. “Right now is a very important time for the arts funding, and Archmere has a wonderful program that I hope our alumni, parents and friends will continue to support generously.”
    - Meagan Miller ’92
  • Where Needed Most

    Archmere’s beautiful campus is a point of pride and plays an important role in our students’ college preparation.  Maintaining our historic buildings, cutting edge learning spaces, and athletic fields is a monumental task that requires both significant dedication from our facilities staff and generous support from our alumni, parents, and friends.  No matter the size of your gift, it will make a real difference in the lives of our students.  Here are just a few ways that your support could be used:

    One pack of LED light bulbs to help replace incandescent bulbs on campus for energy savings
    One 2-pack of soap refills for the restroom hand soap dispensers
    The cost to fill the gas tank for one of our Transportation Dept.’s buses 
    Archmere has four buses that transport students daily and the tanks are filled, on average, every third day
    One month of regular trash and recycling removal services
    The “materials” cost (rock salt and calcium chloride) to clear campus parking lots and sidewalks during one, average snow storm
    The cost of annual preventative and reactive maintenance for the three elevators on campus to keep them in good running order and to help Archmere remain ADA accessible
    The average cost of Archmere’s monthly gas and electric utility bill 
    This bill can be as high as $25K/month
Your gift to Archmere makes a SIGNIFICANT IMPACT on the individual stories of our current and future Auks!

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