March 2019: Harmonizing

My piano at home was recently tuned. I sat down at the keyboard to try it out, and I was so impressed by the wonderful sound, that I pulled out a few of my old piano recital pieces and played through them. My wife enjoyed the impromptu concert, and asked me what inspired me to sit and play through all of that literature that I had not played in years. I thought about it for a second, then shared with her that it was the excellent tuning of the instrument that made me appreciate its sound, and I wanted to keep hearing it. The perfected condition of the piano, I believe, made me a better musician.
In thinking about the experience, it is much the same idea with ourselves – giving ourselves a “tune-up” from time-to-time to be sure that we are at our best. This season of Lent provides us with many opportunities and ways to reflect on the quality of our lives and make decisions about aspects of our lives we embrace and those that we would like to change. In addition to participating in the rituals of the Church during Lent, such as Stations of the Cross, daily Mass, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation, we may choose to take on other tasks that help bring perspective in our lives. 
In just a few short days, Archmere’s HUGE Garage Sale will take place, thanks to the organizational efforts of the members of the Mothers’ Guild, combined with the logistical support of the members of the Fathers’ Club, facilities staff, students, and many others. From furnishings and furniture to clothing and accessories, all of the treasures have been donated from families who may be decluttering, spring cleaning, or downsizing. Those that donate recognize that someone else might need what they have and don’t need or use. So, by sharing their resources with others, they have, in some way, simplified their lives, while enriching others’ lives with new-found treasures. In many cases, donating things we no longer need or use is a small sacrifice for us (even a help to us), while it means so much to others who do not have as much.
The piano tune-up was done with modest adjustments. Sometimes the smallest changes we make or the simple acts of kindness we do each day can make a significant difference over time. In my last newsletter reflection, just as Lent was about to begin, I shared my thoughts about the slow process of permanent change. Now that we are approaching the mid-point of the Lenten Season, I can say that I am feeling different as I try to make conscious changes each day and am aware of the impact – nothing dramatic, but certainly different and better. I hope that we all use these last weeks of Lent to work on any personal “tune-ups” we need to make, so that the “music” we make harmonizes with one another and gives praise to our God each day!

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