• May

    Christopher Corsi '13 Builds Successful Startup Company

    Christopher Corsi ’13, Co-Founder of Cassian Solutions, and his team have developed a phone case that interacts with an app to increase medication adherence. They are currently working with a nationally-ranked hardware accelerator, AlphaLab Gear, based out of Pittsburgh, PA. AlphaLab Gear most recently accepted Chris’ company into their 28-week long Gear program which focuses on customer discovery, prototyping, legal and accounting, business model development, product iteration, early manufacturing and customer traction.
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  • Conor McAvinue ’17 To Spend Summer at the Aspen Music Festival & School

    Conor McAvinue ’17 was recently accepted into the New York String Orchestra Seminar, joining them to celebrate their 50th anniversary season.  They performed at Carnegie Hall on Christmas Eve and December 28th.  Conor has also been busy playing with the Canton and Firelands Symphony Orchestras, both regional groups based in Ohio.  Conor spent his Spring Break in Miami Beach, FL performing with the New World Symphony Orchestra.  This summer, he plans to attend the Aspen Music Festival & School for seven weeks.  The Aspen Music Festival & School is regarded as one of the top classical music festivals in the United States, noted both for its concert programming and its musical training of mostly young-adult music students.
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  • Stephanie Welch Silverman '00: Featured Artist of 2019 Wilmington Flower Market

    Stephanie Welch Silverman '00 has been named the Featured Artist of the 2019 Wilmington Flower Market. Her award-winning artwork will be featured at this year's Wilmington Flower Market on May 10th & 11th.  Stephanie is also the newest member of Archmere Academy's Advancement Team. Her main focus as the Annual Giving & Analytics Manager will be fundraising for the school.

    Be sure to stop by her booth this weekend! She will be there on Friday, May 10th 10am- 8pm and Saturday, May 11th 10am- 7pm.

    Click here to read more about Stephanie on page 18.
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  • Archmere Seniors Plan to Continue Their Athletic Careers at the Collegiate Level

    Pictured are the 2019 Archmere senior athletes who plan on continuing their athletic careers at the collegiate level. 

    Tommy Alexander
    Franklin & Marshall College
    Cole Bauer
    Washington College
    Jade Bryant
    The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
    Mike Dellose
    University of Delaware
    Caroline Donovan
    The College of William & Mary
    Julian Iacono
    Ithaca College
    Faith Merritt
    Misericordia University
    Mitch Moyer
    Columbia University
    Jen Olsen
    Catholic University
    Kate Olsen
    Catholic University
    Madeline Singh
    University of Delaware

    Not pictured: Maddy Singh

    For more photos from the Spring Signing day, click here.
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  • April

    Beau Biden Foundation Hosting Event in NYC on May 1st

    Josh Alcorn '99, Chief Operating Officer at the Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children, is helping to host a "Friendraiser" in New York city on May 1st. The event will take place at Il Gattopardo at 6 pm. 

    "Please join the Beau Biden Foundation board and staff for cocktails and conversation to learn about the Foundation's mission of protecting children and confronting abuse." Archmere Academy is a Foundation partner in their Shield of Protection Initiative.

    See flyer for information and RSVP information. 

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  • Caroline Quinn '17 Cast as Lead in "Thoroughly Modern Millie"

    Caroline Quinn '17 has been cast as the lead (Millie) in Thoroughly Modern Millie, which will open at the Broadway Theater of Pitman in Pitman, NJ this June. The musical comedy tells the story of a small-town girl who comes to NYC in 1922, excited to enter the workforce. 

    Reviewed as "Over the top, comic pastiche, this show is colorful, bright and filled with exciting dance numbers," the musical runs from June 28th through July 21st, 2019.

    To purchase tickets, click here.
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  • March

    Mark Dombroski '17 Remembered at St. Joseph's University Event

    On Sunday, March 24th, family members and rugby teammates of Mark Dombroski '17, a St. Joseph's student at the time of his death one year ago, hosted events on Hawk Hill to remember Mark and help raise money for the Mark Dombroski Foundation. A Mass was held in Mark's honor at the Chapel of St. Joseph. Students and alumni of Archmere and St. Joe’s, St. Joe’s rugby players, community members and Mark's family attended.

    The Mass and Remembrance was followed by a Rugby match between Archmere and St. Joe's Prep, both teams playing in Mark's honor. 

    "Mark's life was one of joy, kindness, friendship, faith...and sports! This day was built around things he loved." 

    To read full details of the day and to view pictures, click here. 
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  • Victoria Sowa Gordon '06 To Host "Lourdes in a Day" Pilgrimage

    2006 Archmere graduate Victoria Sowa Gordon serves as chair of the Order of Malta's "Lourdes in a Day". The Order of Malta is a 900-year old, Lay, Religious Order of the Roman Catholic Church, serving worldwide and in the greater Philadelphia area, whose mission is to care for the sick and poor and to defend the Catholic faith.

    Victoria is helping to organize their "Lourdes in a Day" Pilgrimage on Saturday, April 27th from Noon-5:00 pm at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Philadelphia, PA. The Order will be hosting malades (the French word for individuals suffering from any illnesses) and their caregivers to receive the graces and healing of "Lourdes in a Day", which includes includes lunch, adoration, blessing of the sick, Benediction, Penance and Reconciliation, a rosary, anointing of the sick, washing with Lourdes water, and Saturday Vigil Mass.

    The day will be filled with grace and healing for all who attend, and those suffering from illness are invited to receive the Anointing of the Sick and a blessing with Lourdes water. Additional details can be found in the attachment. Please RSVP by April 20th to Victoria Sowa Gordon at 
    victoria.sowa@gmail.com or 302-388-5913. (Be sure to share any dietary restrictions.) 
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  • Nick Salameda '17

    Nick Salameda '17 Earns Dean's Award for Academic Excellence at Colgate University

    2017 Archmere graduate Nicholas Salameda, a member of the Colgate University Class of 2021, has earned the fall 2018 Dean's Award for Academic Excellence. Students who receive a term grade point average of 3.3 or higher while completing at least three courses earn the fall 2018 Dean's Award for Academic Excellence.

    Aside from his academic interests, Nick is a Midfielder on the Colgate University lacrosse team. He signed his letter of intent to join the lacrosse team his senior year at Archmere. Colgate is a Division 1 athletic program.

    Nick's current major is Political Science.
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  • Maura Corsini '14

    Maura Corsini '14 Pursues Acting Goal and Gets Break in "Unplanned"

    The opportunity to appear in “Unplanned” unfolded unconventionally. Maura Corsini '14 had been in touch with producers, then lost contact. Suddenly, in February, one of them was a customer in the restaurant where she worked. She got an audition and was on the “Unplanned” set in Stillwater, Oklahoma, by May. “Unplanned” is the story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood administrator who converted to the pro-life movement after up-close interaction with abortion. Maura's character is Johnson’s coworker and friend.

    “I play Megan,” Maura stated to the Dialog. “I work at Planned Parenthood with her. We’re very, very close friends and I go on this journey with her. It’s me, her and this other girl, Taylor. Do we stay at Planned Parenthood or leave? We’re really the three who are trying to get out.”
    Maura has been advised that she may be able to develop a niche for acting in roles that help deliver a message in society, and that really appeals to her.

    “I want to be an actress because I want to inspire people by large numbers. I want people to leave the theater thinking, ‘Oh, my gosh, my life has been changed.’”

    Click here to read the full story. 

    Update on the film premiere:

    On Thursday, March 28, the St. Thomas the Apostle Columbiettes and the Knights of Columbus Council #12374 are hosting a red carpet premiere of the new film, “Unplanned: The True Story of Abby Johnson” at Penn Cinema at the Riverfront in Wilmington. The evening will begin at 5:45 with a cocktail social. The screening starts at 7 p.m. The film, opening in theaters nationwide March 29, is the dramatic account of a former Planned Parenthood high achiever, Abby Johnson, their youngest clinic director in the nation, until she walked out after assisting in an abortion.

    Tickets are $15 each and can be purchased at www.eventbrite.com. Seating is limited and tickets are first come, first served. For information, email: 12374Columbiettes@gmail.com.
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  • February

    Picture courtesy of Kevin Hayes, WDEL

    Brennan Stark '17 Builds the First Affordable, Eco-Friendly Home in Wilmington

    2017 Archmere graduate Brennan Stark has made headlines for years in his quest to tackle the problem of homelessness in our area. What began as an idea when he was at Archmere is now a creative solution to an ongoing problem and as of last weekend, a completed city project. On Saturday, February 23rd, Brennan hosted an Open House for his project, the first ever affordable, eco-friendly, straw bale home in Wilmington. 

    Currently a sophomore in the University of Delaware Honors Program, Brennan not only leads but also co-founded Y Innovations Inc., a federally recognized tax-exempt 501(c)(3) scientific research based nonprofit corporation. Y Innovations Inc. was created by Brennan while he was at Archmere to develop innovations and stimulate public interest in key areas of rapidly developing technology, in the hopes of leading humanity into a bright future. The student-led nonprofit started in 2016 with its goal of formulating creative solutions to common problems, such as homelessness. The company has been featured by multiple publications ever since they built their first sustainable development project, a small storage shed at the Siegel JCC. Brennan has also been a key speaker at the Independence School's TEDxYouth program, and in November of 2017 was honored by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Brandywine Chapter with a Youth in Philanthropy Award.

    600 square-foot, two bedroom home in Wilmington's 9th Ward is the first straw bale, net-zero energy home of its kind. Solar panels make the home unique in its effort to help with affordable housing as they eliminate electricity bills. Brennan explained in his interview, "The exterior walls are insulated with straw bales which means that it's really energy efficient. It's about R32, which is double what you would find in a traditional home. When you put solar panels on the roof, too--you get this net-zero energy effect where you produce as much energy, every month, as you use."

    Wilmington City Council President Hanifa Shabazz was on-hand last weekend for the Open House, and stated of the project: "Wilmington does have vacant lots and we do have homeless individuals, so I think they came up with a really good solution to address that. This is the foundation for anyone to be able to get up on their feet--to have a place where you can call home, rest your head, and be able to go to a job."

    This project is just a starting point for Y Innovations. Brennan concluded his interview by stating, "...they'll take what they've learned from the long process on the first home to streamline things on future projects."

    For the full article and video of the Open House and interviews, click here.

    For pictures of the house and more information, visit the Y Innovations Facebook Page by clicking here.

    To learn more about Y Innovations Inc. visit their website: click here.

    To read the full article on the TEDxYouth program, click here.
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  • Keynote Speaker Brad Denning P '18, PwC

    Junior Career Day 2019

    This year's Junior Career Day on Thursday, February 14th saw a record number of alumni speakers who took time out of their day to come to campus and talk to students about their careers and their career paths. Eighteen different presenters, including ten alumni, five current or past parents, and three faculty spouses, spoke to our juniors, as well as Brad Denning, a past parent who works as an Advisory Services Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, who started the day as keynote speaker. 

    Each year, the College Counseling Office, the Office of Institutional Advancement and the Archmere Academy Alumni Association join together to organize this wonderful day for the junior class, aimed at exposing them to a variety of career fields.

    For Junior Career Day photos, click here.
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  • Mark Dombroski ’17

    Almost 3 Credit Course on "What Mark Dombroski Means to Me"

    By Chris Curcio ’14
    What Mark Dombroski means to me can not be described in simply what I am about to write, but rather an entire 3 credit course and textbook, that Mark would not want anyone to go to on a Friday for class. I want to begin by saying the circumstances under which I met Mark Dombroski. It was a Thursday during my second semester of senior year of high school at Archmere Academy, the high school that myself, Mark, Tanner, Alec, Nick, Noah, and many others all attended. I was sitting quietly in the library when a scrawny kid with blonde hair approached me and said, “Hey are you Chris Curcio the rugby player”. I replied with a remark of something along the lines of yes who wants to know.  He said, “ I am Mark Dombroski my brother plays at St. Joseph’s University you ever think about checking out that school?” I was immediately intrigued not only by the topic of the conversation, but also the confidence and strong manners that this kid carried himself with. He began to tell me about the CRCs and the television and their new coach by the name of Shaggs. By the end of this conversation he did not really take no for answer and gave my email to Shaggs and his brother and then I sent them back my highlight tape. I sent in my application and within less than 3 weeks I was awarded acceptance and a scholarship to St. Joseph’s University. To a lot of people this is not a big deal or a whatever, but for my family and myself this meant more than anything in the world. Yes, St. Joseph’s has a solid academic reputation and a good rugby reputation nationally, but this school was less than an hour from my house. See, just one year ago I lost my brother and wanted to go to University of Delaware because it was the closest school to my house. However University of Delaware lost their team and we wanted to continue my rugby career and the rest of the schools were all plane rides away besides Kutztown. I just wanted to be next to my parents so we could get through this difficult time together. Mark did not even know about that. Without knowing it, Mark already helped me.

    Click here to read the full story.
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  • Donn Devine '46 (photo courtesy of the BCG website)

    The Board for Certification of Genealogists Names Award For Donn Devine '46

    The Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1964 as a professional credentialing body for genealogists. Since 1964, BCG has set the standards for competence and ethics in genealogical research through certification, lectures, and publications. In 2018, the Board announced a new award, the "Donn Devine Award for Extraordinary Service", named after 1946 Archmere graduate Donn Devine.

    The Donn Devine Award for Extraordinary Service to the Board for Certification of Genealogists recognizes that the foundation of any great organization is rooted in service; it is the nurturing force which fuels all growth. The essential criterion is extraordinary service to the Board.

    From the BCG website:

    The award itself is named in honor of a man whose extraordinary service to BCG truly exemplifies those whose activities may be honored by the award in years to come. 

    A New Jersey native and Delaware resident, Donn Devine, JD, CG® Emeritus, FNGS, first became a board-certified genealogist in 1987—a credential he last renewed at the age of 88. His extraordinary service to the Board for Certification of Genealogists spanned more than a quarter century, first as a trustee and later as its general counsel. In his four-decade genealogical career, he served the broader genealogical community as a society leader and through research, lecturing, and scholarly publications. His work earned him recognition as a Fellow of the National Genealogical Society (2013), honorary lifetime membership in the Association of Professional Genealogists (2014) and, in 2018, election to Certified Genealogist Emeritus status.
    A renaissance man, Donn has been a chemist, an urban planner, a lawyer, a National Guardsman rising in rank from private to brigadier general, an archivist and, perhaps most importantly, a husband and father. To BCG, he will always be a cherished colleague.

    The first receipient(s) of the award will be announced in May of 2019.
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