Monthly College Counseling Update: January 2019

Class of 2020!

Almost all introductory student meetings have been completed as well as the second parent night. Family meeting appointments will open up next week and Junior College Seminar classes began on Tuesday with the start of the new semester.  

Class of 2019:

Almost all early admission process decisions are out and most students will be waiting for their remaining regular decisions in March. We’ve encouraged seniors to stay engaged with all their schools even though the process has slowed. It is an excellent time to communicate with admission representatives reiterating interest and sharing application updates. Final semester grades will be forwarded to any school that a student has an active (accept, defer, no decision) application. We encourage students to continue the independent scholarship search and welcome financial aid and cost communications from families.
Career Programming:

We will be in sophomore classes this cycle to facilitate the Six Lives Exercise. This career exercise has students exploring lifestyles, values, and their definition of future success as a foundational discussion for potential career options. Juniors will be participating in Career Day on February 14th. We will host speakers from numerous different careers for students to learn from and network with.  
Upcoming spring programming - Early Financial Aid Night (2/11), Why Engineering Night (3/19), Unique Admission Series - International Admission (after school, 3/20). Students, parents, and guests from all grades are welcome to attend.  

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