Archmere Students Chosen to Compete in National TEAMS Conference

Archmere had several teams qualify for the opportunity to compete in the National Technology Student Association's Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science (TEAMS) Conference in Washington, DC. The national competition will take place from June 28th - July 1st during the Technology Student Association conference.
The goal of TEAMS is to have students work collaboratively to develop practical and creative solutions to real world engineering problems. High school teams that rank 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the Best in State rankings or that achieve a minimum combined score are eligible to compete in the national TEAMS competitions. 

The Archmere team, supervised and coached by Mrs. Lisa Beatson, will be assessed in 3 areas: Design/Build & Engineering Computations,
Digital Media, and Research Presentation

Students who qualified for Nationals in Washington are:  

Team B (7)
  • Nolan Fogarty
  • Camron Kaiser
  • Alex Lu
  • Alyssa Mirenda
  • Alyssa Noval
  • Sean Vanson
  • Katie Walsh
Team C (8)
  • James D’Elia
  • Sam Gattuso
  • Toni Guariano
  • Phil Kawalec
  • Sanjay Long
  • Rohit Mathur
  • Christian Miller
  • Lily Sabine
Team D (5)
  • Simi Edeki
  • Mandy Jiang
  • Kaitlin Lotkowski
  • Ryana Rajesh
  • Ryan Hsieh
Team C (8)
  • Ali Curren
  • Stephen D’Antonio
  • Emmie Maceda
  • Riley McAvinue
  • Megan Scott
  • Lauren Simpson
  • Ciara Trigg
  • Lauren Wilson
Team A (8)
  • Jerry Enverso
  • Elizabeth Erdy
  • Aidan Graham
  • Emily Lugg
  • George Mantakounis
  • Lewis MacMillan
  • Julia Prendergast
  • Parker Vakili
Team B (8)
  • Brandon Grier
  • Anh Ho
  • Matt McDougal
  • Cam Noval
  • Jessica Pei
  • Andrew Shi
  • Alexandra Williamson
  • Lisa Zeng
We wish the Archmere Team well as they prepare for this summer's conference! 


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