Dr. Myron Rolle Speaks at Archmere

On November 10th the Archmere community welcomed neurosurgery resident, author, Rhodes Scholar, former NFL and Florida State player, Dr. Myron Rolle to campus. Dr. Rolle, who works in guidance with Dr. Jay Storm '86, studied medicine while playing at Florida State before heading to Oxford. He talked to our entire student body at an assembly about trying to get "2%" better every day, recommending they focus on four “S‘s”: school, support, service, and spirit. After addressing the entire campus community, Dr. Rolle joined the students in the new Advanced Cancer Research and Analysis class for further discussion.
Dr. Rolle is in the sixth year of his neurosurgery residency at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. One of Dr. Rolle’s most trusted mentors is Dr. Jay Storm ‘86, Chief of Neurosurgery at CHOP and Co-Executive Director of D3b (Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine), which provides personalized care for children through collaborative, data-driven science. Dr. Jay Storm ’86 was crucial in helping to spearhead the Advanced Cancer Research course at Archmere this fall. 
In addition to his work with Dr. Storm, Dr. Rolle spoke to our students about how Dr. Ben Carson’s popular 1990 memoir, “Gifted Hands,” inspired his career path. He spoke in detail about learning how Dr. Carson went from being an inner-city youth with poor grades to the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University Hospital, and how it shaped his own personal story. 
Our student body enjoyed hearing about how Dr. Rolle picked up the 2% philosophy from his football coach at Florida State University, Mickey Andrews. 
Can you be 2 percent better than you were yesterday? You can if you take small steps every single day toward a larger goal.” 
He emphasized to the Archmere students that using the 2% philosophy helps to make more sense of their challenges, tasks, and responsibilities.
I don’t think success looks like any particular person. I do believe that every individual has something brilliant in them and has a responsibility and a purpose that they were placed here on this earth for such a time as this time.
I played in the N.F.L., Rhodes Scholar, now neurosurgery. But feeling doubts and uncertainty really permeated throughout my life. Feeling like an outcast. Handling issues with violence. Dealing with work-life balance issues or challenges in your workplace. And I just found ways to overcome or mitigate these challenges through the 2 percent process.”
Following the assembly, Dr. Rolle spent time with our students, sharing a handshake and answering questions about taking initiative and following their passions. He then joined the Advanced Cancer Research class for an in-depth discussion. 
To learn more about Dr. Rolle, check out this video and read the USA Today article on his path to neurosurgery from football.
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