Mr. Brian Manelski Receives 2023 Carl S. Campion Service Award

During each Catholic Schools week since 2017, Archmere Academy presents the Carl S. Campion Service Award to a member of the Archmere community in recognition of their dedicated service with consistent, selfless giving for the school community, and a commitment to the many facets of Archmere life. Character, dedication, integrity, and humility have defined the lifelong service of Mr. Campion and this year's recipient, Mr. Brian Manelski, has similarly left his indelible mark on the Archmere community.
Before presenting the award, Mr. Campion addressed the students about what we truly value in a student: character, work ethic, and being a good person. As Principal Katie Thiel wrote in her Friday letter, "A simple yet effective message to reinforce what stays with educators, years after students have left Archmere." She also  included an excerpt from her remarks at the assembly:

This year’s winner of the Carl S. Campion Award, Mr. Brian Manelski, has given generously of his time, talents, and energies, and through these efforts, has impacted the extracurricular and academic experiences of so many Auks over the years. Most employees spend about 40 hours a week at work. I’m not a math expert, but based on my calculations, this year’s Carl Campion Service Award winner spends upward of 60 hours per week on campus including nights and weekends. I have joked about the potential of installing a Murphy bed for the late nights when it feels too cumbersome to drive home. In addition to teaching a full course load, this individual directs the fall play, facilitates Drama Club, announces football games, directs the winter musical, announces the lineups at volleyball and basketball games, and manages the day to day operations of the theater. And then, on top of all of these responsibilities, takes his Drama Club students to New York City on one of his only free weekends, simply to ensure an unforgettable experience that helps students to build their theater repertoire. Perhaps most importantly, during the pandemic when so much came to a halt, Mr. Manelski found creative ways to ensure continuity in the plays and musicals; Archmere’s theater program didn’t miss a beat. For that, I, and so many students and their families, are tremendously grateful.

Upon receipt of his award, Mr. Manelski addressed the community and expressed how grateful he was to be in the company of a group of selfless and humble individuals such as Mr. Campion. He also offered a piece of advice` to students: “If you do what you love, then it’s not work.” 

Congratulations, Mr. Manelski!
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grades 9-12 founded in 1932 by the Norbertine Fathers.