April 2023

National Chemistry Olympiad Exam

On Friday April 21, Archmere hosted the Delaware National Chemistry Olympiad Exam sponsored by the Delaware section of the American Chemical Society. Eleven students from Delaware qualified to take the day-long exam. The exam included multiple choice and open-ended questions as well as a self-directed lab exercise. Sophia Chen '24 and Michelle Zhang '24 represented Archmere at the event.
Academic Bowl 

Archmere’s Academic Bowl team successfully defended their Diocesan Academic Bowl championship. After 4 rounds, Archmere bested Salesianum on a single question, winner take all tie breaker. Pictured from left to right are Victoria Eastment ‘24, Raphael Coronel ‘23, Jacob Poplawski ’23, and Bradley Hu ’23. Raph and Jacob won every championship of their 4 years at Archmere!

Edible Art!

This month, Mrs. Silverman’s Painting class completed alla prima (Italian for “at first sight” paintings) from direct observation. After completing their miniature observational paintings, students were able to enjoy their donut!

Mandarin Chinese Language Chinatown Field Trip

This spring, the Mandarin Chinese language program took an educational excursion to Chinatown. This field trip focused on language and immersion. It also allowed students to utilize the target language they are learning in a real-life context and to experience the culture and customs of the community where the language is spoken.

Archmere Students Compete at American Harp Society Competition

Archmere Academy students Andres Ramos '26 and Valentina Ramos '26 recently competed in the Bi-Annual American Harp Society Competition at Temple University. After many months of preparations, Andes won first place in the 16 and under divisions and Valentina won third place in the 19 and under division. Both Andres and Valentina have won consecutively since 2019.
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