Monthly College Counseling Update: May/June 2023

The Class of 2023 Graduates!

We were thrilled to watch the 136 members of the Class of 2023 graduate last weekend. Greeting and congratulating them in the faculty line is one of the highlights of the year. It was a pleasure to walk along side them and their families through their college search process. These 136 Auks are attending 70 colleges in 22 different states, Scotland, Canada, and the District of Columbia. They are traveling an average of 420 miles from Archmere to attend college and 29 of them are enrolling at a school no other Archmere student presently attends.
Final transcript will be to sent to colleges and universities when available. We will also have one final communication out about the family transition process to college later in the summer. Students and families, please reach out if there are any college or records oriented questions in the next few months. Auks, enjoy your summer and best of luck as you transition to a new home. 
Class of 2024

Students and families received summer checklists to assist them in staying on top of the process. We encourage list reviews, campus visits, and financial conversations during the early to mid summer. Forms were sent to students to request essay reviews. In addition, our office is staffed the entire summer, please reach out when you have questions or would like to discuss things. 
We will be communicating with students in late June about moving schools in their CIALFO list from the longlist to the shortlist. This will allow us to categorize all students’ lists by mid-July. In early and mid-August we will be offering group and individual essay meetings and mock interviews. Students do not need to wait for these invitations, they can request these opportunities of the office at any time over the summer.
Class of 2025

Students and families received a summer checklist of recommended activities in advancing their college process and mindset. Should you have any questions about any of the items, please reach out to our office. We’d be happy to discuss summer visits, schools of interest, and college information. Invitations for optional family meetings with a college counselor were sent out this week. Dates are throughout June and July. We look forward to these discussions.
Class of 2026

Invitations for optional family summer meetings were sent out this week. The meetings are throughout the months of June and July. We look forward to these initial discussions. The agendas are completely the choice of students and families. First year families are also welcomed to reach out to College Counseling at any time during the summer with questions or a desire to discuss the college process. 
Summer Tutoring for Class of 2024, ’25, ’26

Mr. Dougherty will soon send a communication out about the opportunity for students that received a D/D+/F in any classes this calendar year to complete summer tutoring to improve their grade. We strongly encourage you to consider summer tutoring as an opportunity to merit a C in any class that you earned a D/D+ or a D in any class that you earned a F.  Should you have questions about tutoring and its availability, please contact Mr. Dougherty at or at 302-798-6632, extension 735.  If you have questions about how your grades might affect your college application, which courses to choose if you have multiple grades of concern, or why we’re recommending summer tutoring, please contact the College Counseling Office.
Have an amazing, fun, and productive summer Auks! 
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