Challenge Yourself. Take Learning Risks. Reach Your Potential.

A Rigorous College Prep Curriculum
Archmere’s rigorous college preparatory program challenges students to expand their thinking, sharpen their skills, take ownership of their learning potential, and explore new opportunities that empower them to reach an unprecedented level of personal distinction and achievement.
Committed, Caring, Credentialed Teachers
Archmere’s greatest asset is its committed faculty, an experienced, credentialed, and talented group of women and men dedicated to academic excellence. In the classroom, faculty members focus on a challenging college-prep curriculum dedicated to developing critical thinking skills, intellectual questioning and academic discipline.
The faculty engage students on a personal level in a small, encouraging setting, and teachers help guide the students to become organized, self-motivated, and ultimately, independent learners. Teachers are accessible throughout the school day, before school, during school free periods and after school until 4:30 p.m.
Archmere faculty members are also actively engaged in the students’ lives outside the classroom. Teachers serve as academic advisers, mentors, activity moderators and athletic coaches, helping students to envision a world that extends their values beyond the classrooms.
"I took advantage of the many AP courses offered at Archmere. As a result of a rigorous schedule, I entered college as a sophomore. I found the classwork at one of the top 10 schools in the nation to be 'less' demanding than my courses at Archmere, and I was tremendously well-prepared for my future academic career. I cannot possibly imagine any other school delivering an even remotely-comparable experience."
- Archmere Alumni Survey

Classroom News

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  • Introduction to Design students holding the portraits of the Bolivian children they will recreate

    March 2017

    Art Students Participate in Memory Project

    The Memory Project is a charitable nonprofit organization that invites art teachers and their students to create and donate portraits to youth around the world who have faced substantial challenges, such as neglect, abuse, loss of parents, violence, and extreme poverty. Archmere's Introduction to Design class, under the supervision of Maia Palmer, will be working on portraits of children in Bolivia, and Terry Newitt's Acrylic class will be working on portraits of children in Uganda.

    The following is information sent to Archmere about the students in Bolivia: "Most children in Bolivia are doing well. However, as in all countries, some children are facing substantial challenges, and each child who will receive these portraits has a different story. The children you see in these photos all live in a particularly challenged area on the outskirts of a city, where many families live in one room homes with dirt floors and walls of sheet metal. For all of them, receiving the portraits will be truly unique, and you will be touching their lives in a very special way. We truly thank you for your efforts."

    For more information on the Memory Project, visit:

    To view a Memory project video, visit:

    Opportunities to Host Exchange Students

    Each year Archmere Academy hosts a student from a foreign country. Strong ties are usually forged between the foreign student and the host families that last a lifetime. If anyone would like more information or are interested in sponsoring a student for the 2017-2018 school year please contact Mrs. Rosalba Bellen.

    Mastersingers To Compete At Festival of Gold High School Music Competition

    On Friday, March 17th, the Mastersingers will be traveling to Chicago for the Festival of Gold High School Music Competition. Festival of Gold is the most prestigious high school music competition in the United States. They will be competing against 5 other choirs who are of the same caliber as Archmere's Mastersingers. The competition will be tough. They will have a clinic with one of the judges prior to the competition to get feedback on their performance before they compete. There will also be concert bands and orchestras competing as well.  

    All of the competing choirs will also form a massed choir which will perform at the Encore concert in Chicago Symphony Hall and will be accompanied by select members of the competing bands and orchestra. They will have daily rehearsal to prepare for this concert. All choirs will have a chance to perform a selection on this concert as well. The individual choirs will perform in the order of their placement from the competition (lowest placement will perform first, etc.). The Mastersingers will be returning on Tuesday, March 21.

    2017 Student/Faculty Blood Drive Donates Record Numbers

    On Wednesday, March 8, Archmere held a student-faculty Blood Drive to benefit the Blood Bank of Delmarva. The Blood Bank of Delmarva serves the community by meeting the needs of patients, hospitals, and members for safe, high quality blood products and related services. They provide blood and blood products to 18 hospitals on the Delmarva Peninsula. Archmere faculty member Meaghan Thomas spearheaded Archmere's Blood Drive, which took place throughout the entire school day. As a school, Archmere donated 82 pints of blood which will help to save the lives of nearly 200 local patients in the Delmarva area. 

    More than 79,000 blood donations are needed in this area each year for about 20,000 patients across the Delmarva Peninsula. More than 30 convenient mobile donor sites are located throughout Delmarva. Please call 1-888-8-BLOOD-8 for an appointment or make an appointment online.

    Archmere Set To Host 15 Students From Zaragosa, Spain

    The Department of World Languages and Cultures is proud to announce the arrival of 15 students from El Colegio Santa Ana in Zaragosa, Spain. This year begins the second cycle of our Spanish Exchange Program with students from Santa Ana. The incoming high school students will be staying with host families from Archmere from Saturday, April 1st through Monday, April 10th. Throughout their visit, they will spend various days at Archmere, experiencing what it is to be an Auk, as well as taking day trips to New York City, the University of Delaware, and Philadelphia. We invite the Archmere community to engage our visitors in dialogue, and attempt to learn a new word or phrase from them as well! On behalf of the World Languages and Cultures Department, we would like to thank all of the host families for opening their homes and their hearts to our Spanish visitors.  
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