Our Goals

To Provide a Wide Range of Support
The Guidance department provides a wide range of support for the Archmere Community. Specifically addressed are the social, emotional, academic, physical, spiritual and moral development of our students and their families. Our goal is to teach students to use the resources available to them and help them to recognize and challenge their own personal and academic potential. We also provide support for faculty and staff on an as-needed basis.
To Provide a Consistent Presence with Students & Families
The department consists of four qualified professional Guidance Counselors, who continue with their classes throughout the four years. The relationships between students and the counselors develop over the years as Archmere prepares its young adults for the responsibilities, decision-making, pressures, and independence of life.
Also assisting with the work of the department are the Learning Specialist and the School Nurse.

Our Services

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  • Freshman Orientation Program

    The Guidance Department works with Admissions to design an orientation, before classes start, when Freshman become familiar with the Archmere community. Freshmen are assigned a Senior “buddy” who will provide a campus tour and show the Freshmen where their classes will be held. The Freshmen receive their schedules and meet their faculty Advisor as well.
  • Class Moderators

    Each class has a moderator who remains with the class during the four years providing direction for class activities while developing leadership skills and fostering class unity and identity. Each class annually elects four officers who work with the moderator on the annual activities of the class.
  • Career Day and Career Experience Day

    Both programs are sponsored by the Archmere Alumni Association and provide an opportunity for our students to learn about various career options. Career Day is held in the spring of junior year and involves alumni and other local professionals talking with students on-campus in small groups. Career Experience Day is for seniors and is held in the late fall. Seniors “shadow” a professional at their work site who is employed in a career field of interest to the student.
  • Learning Services

    Academic support for students with documented learning differences is provided through the services of a Learning Specialist. These students have the opportunity to meet with the Learning Specialist for assistance with organization, study skills and tutoring. The Learning Specialist also serves as a resource for parents, students and faculty. The Academic Dean or Guidance Counselors may refer students in need of academic support. Documentation provided by professionals outside of school is processed by the Learning Specialist. Communication with teachers, administration, and if appropriate, the College Board, will follow. The Learning Specialist works closely with all members of the Guidance Department to ensure that the academic needs of our students are met.
  • Health Services

    Health Service is provided for students by a Registered Nurse. The nurse’s office is open from 8:00 AM to 3:00PM. Parents should inform the nurse of any new or ongoing health problems. By the first day of school, all Freshmen, Juniors, and Transfer students must submit the Archmere/DIAA physical exam forms for the current year to the school nurse. Also by Orientation Day, school policy requires a current yellow Student Emergency Information/Consent form from all students.
    Fall athletes should consult the Archmere Student Athlete/Parent Athletic Handbook for DIAA forms policy. School policy requires that all medications taken during the school day must be taken in the nurse’s office.
    Parents who wish to send in any prescription or over-the-counter medication must send the med in an original pharmacy container, accompanied by a note. Policies concerning illness during the school day and missing class time for illness can be found in the Student Handbook.
  • Personal/Individual Counseling

    Counselors are available to meet with students for individual meetings. The purpose of these meeting is to gather information about a student’s academic progress, extracurricular activities, social interests, and family life. All students will have this individual contact with their counselor within the first few months of the school year. Counselors provide support and interventions to students facing any personal or family problems. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their counselor to discuss any concerns or questions they may have and they are welcome to drop by “just to talk”. Students experiencing any type of personal crisis are also strongly advised to meet with their counselor. Conversations are kept within professional and ethical confidence. Students are encouraged to communicate with parents about any problems they are facing. Parents are also invited to contact their child’s counselor with any questions or concerns they may have. When necessary, counselors provide referrals to therapeutic resources in the community. Counselors are available to consult with parents, teachers, and school administrators regarding student adjustment issues.

Pietate et Scientia

Archmere Academy is a private, Catholic, college preparatory co-educational academy,
grades 9-12 founded in 1932 by the Norbertine Fathers.