Archmere Academy is grounded by our core values of community, wisdom, reverence, respect, and zeal. Our students demonstrate these values on a daily basis making our community a very special place. Archmere Academy has developed a Code of Conduct to help define our values for the student body and to provide a framework for decision-making. Click on the topics below to read more about aspects of Archmere Academy's Code of Conduct and disciplinary procedures. 

1:1 Laptop Program and Acceptable Use Policy

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  • Acceptable Use Policy: Responsibilities & Boundaries

    The Archmere Academy Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is intended to define the spirit and expectations of the responsible use of network resources in accordance with mission of the school. All rules regarding student behavior apply to the use of the laptops and Archmere Academy network resources. Students must understand—and agree to adhere to—the Archmere Academy AUP and to demonstrate this understanding prior to gaining access to a laptop or the network.

    Students will work within defined boundaries for laptop use to ensure a positive and powerful experience for all. To ensure proper use of the laptop and network resources students may not:

    1. Take possession of or use another’s laptop. Nor may students access another student’s or faculty member’s files or email at anytime. Students may not share passwords or accounts. A student who finds or sees a laptop left alone must take the laptop to the Tech Center or give it to a faculty member.
    2. Use the laptop for unethical purposes, ones which are deemed contrary to or detrimental to the common good or which violate the Archmere Academy Code of Conduct. Nor may students use the laptop for illegal purposes. Should a crime be suspected the proper authorities will be notified.
    3. Use the laptop to share academic work in a manner that violates the Academic Honesty Code.
    4. Use the laptop to insult, harass, bully, discriminate, or denigrate another member of the Archmere Academy community.
    5. Interfere with the proper functioning of the network or another’s laptop in anyway whatsoever.
    6. Access, transmit, download, or share offensive material. This includes pornographic, lewd, violent, or hateful language or images.

    Should a student violate these principles, he or she will meet with the Disciplinary Committee to discuss the incident and its consequences. A violation of these rules would constitute a violation of the Archmere Academy Student Code of Conduct. The Discipline Committee will determine the consequences for violations based on the language of the Student Code of Conduct and the severity of the violation. A minor violation would result in one or two points. A major violation will result in a minimum of one demerit and may result in suspension or dismissal from the school.
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  • Technical Limitations

    Students will be in possession of their laptops while enrolled at Archmere Academy. They may add programs and install software that Archmere considers acceptable. The laptop remains the property of Archmere Academy; therefore, there are certain technical aspects that may not be altered by the students for any reason. The following are examples of prohibited actions and will be considered a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy though Archmere reserves the right to add/remove actions from this list:
    1. Creating accounts other than your own and which bears your name
    2. Deleting the Archmere tech.admin account
    3. Creating or using of proxy servers
    4. Changing the following System Preferences: 
      • Sharing ---> Computer Name
      • Sharing ---> Remote Login
      • Sharing ---> Remote Management
      • Network Settings --> Archmere location(all settings)
      • Security ---> FileVault • Security ---> Firewall
      • Print & Fax - do not delete any pre-installed printers
    5. Installing additional Operating Systems either via BootCamp or virtualization software (e.g. Parallels)
    6. Installing any software that is in violation of the AUP or contradicts the values of Archmere Academy.
    7. Removing any pre-installed (e.g. iMovie) or Archmere-installed software (e.g. Microsoft Word).
    8. Attempting in anyway to modify the hardware including adding additional RAM or replacing the optical drive with an additional hard drive. This will void the AppleCare warranty.
    9. Using file sharing or peer-to-peer software while in school or on its network.
    10. Tethering your laptop to another device to access the web while at school.

    All student computers can be accessed via Apple Remote Desktop. The purpose of this application is to enable teachers to share materials and screens during class. It will also be used on a limited basis to monitor use. An icon appears in the menu bar when the computer is being observed. This monitoring software can only be used while the computers are on campus.
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