About Archmere

Mission and Heritage

Archmere Academy was founded by the Norbertine Fathers in 1932. Archmere has a relationship with the Norbertine community at Daylesford Abbey in Paoli, Pennsylvania. The Norbertine Order was founded in 1121 by St. Norbert in the French village of Prémontré. The Norbertine charism is one of common life, prayer and ministry marked by fostering peace, healing and reconciliation. The Norbertines have played a key role in the development of the Archmere tradition and experience throughout the history of the school.

Our Core Values

The following core values support our belief statements as a faith-filled, learning community:
Community: recognizing our connectedness and our responsibility to one another in our school place and in all of our relationships.
Respect: for ourselves, our unique individuality and the uniqueness of others
Zeal: using our talents fully to respond to God’s call – to discern our purpose in life
Reverence (Pietate): prayerfulness and a vibrant spiritual life
Wisdom (Scientia): critical thinkers who use skills and information wisely and ethically

Inspired By Saint Norbert

List of 3 items.

  • Passion for Learning

    Saint Norbert dedicated his life to instilling passion in learning by founding the Norbertine Order and establishing school communities in the United States beginning in 1898. In the summer of 1932, the Norbertine Order established Archmere Academy.
  • A Place that Never Leaves You

    Known for his hospitality and his life of service to others, Saint Norbert created school communities that are welcoming and warm, giving people “a sense of place” and belonging. Archmere embraces this tradition whole-heartedly, recognizing that what inspires its students most to achieve are the relationships they form while they are here. Many alumni describe Archmere as, “a place that never leaves you,” or “a place you take with you wherever you go in life.”
  • A Catholic Community of Faith

    As a community of faith, Archmere celebrates its Catholic heritage and the Norbertine charism, united by the importance placed on spirituality, respect, commitment, passion, and selflessness. Saint Norbert dedicated his life to the community and his Catholic faith, as demonstrated by his countless good works and love of prayer. In the spirit of our faith we pass on Saint Norbert’s teachings of service to the community; respect for all; passion in every endeavor; spirituality and prayer as a source of strength and support; and commitment to community, and individual growth.

Profile of a Graduate

Upon graduation from Archmere, a student will:
  • appreciate and respect the values of Christian, Catholic, and Norbertine traditions and incorporate them into a moral framework for her/his own life
  • be a well-rounded individual who, having engaged in a variety of disciplines, activities, and experiences, acknowledges diverse perspectives
  • possess a mature sense of ethical decision-making, personal integrity, active engagement and conscientious responsibility within the local, national, and global communities
  • be prepared for the challenges of college life as an independent learner who thinks critically and creatively, demonstrates intellectual curiosity, and posses a disciplined work ethic
  • communicate and collaborate effectively by being able to listen attentively, speak persuasively, write clearly, and use technological tools responsibly
  • be prepared to adapt to the innovations and challenges of a rapidly change world

Archmere Academy Prayer

God, you call us to walk
in unity of mind and heart,
intent on you.

Give us that reverence
for one another
that will make us
apostles of peace.

Grant that the knowledge
of this day
may flow into our worship
of Your Name
and our service for the life
of the world. 

Archmere Academy is a private, Catholic, college preparatory co-educational academy,
grades 9-12 founded in 1932 by the Norbertine Fathers.