Global Studies Program

Students Can Now Earn a Global Studies Diploma

Archmere Academy’s Global Studies Program prepares lifelong learners for every good work by building cultural competence and by fostering personal growth and professional success through travel and study. This multidisciplinary academic program provides cross-cultural, experiential learning opportunities that cultivate empathetic leadership, effective communication, and a global mindset. 

Students will earn a Global Studies Diploma for meeting all five program requirements. Students who complete all of the minimums except for international travel will earn a Global Studies Certificate. 

Global Studies Diploma Requirements

List of 5 items.


    Achieve at least one of the following: 
    • Four years of Chinese, French, or Spanish with no semester grade lower than B
    • Be an active member of the Chinese, French, or Spanish National Honor Society
    • Receive the Delaware Certificate of Multiliteracy

    Enroll and earn no less than a semester grade of B in at least four of the following classes: 
    • Norbertine Spirituality
    • World Religions
    • Faith in History
    • Christian Service
    • Social Justice
    • Cultural Perspectives
    • Cultural Geography
    • Civil Rights
    • Contemporary Global Issues
    • Conflict and Culture
    • AP World History: Modern
    • AP European History
    • AP Capstone, focusing on a global issue in either AP Seminar or AP Research
    • AP Environmental Sciences
    • Honors Theology Seminar
    • Christian Service
  • ACT

    Complete at least three of the following: 
    • Host a visiting international student
    • Serve as an officer of a world language club
    • Present a TEDxYouth talk on an approved global studies topic
    • Demonstrate a commitment to an Archmere club that cultivates a global mindset, such as Model UN, Anime Club, and Habitat for Humanity.
    • Regularly participate in Community Service activities
    • Fund-raise for a global (social, medical, environmental, etc.) cause through participation in (or leadership of) a sponsored activity (e.g., The Changemakers Project)
    • Participate in the St. Norbert College Leadership Corps
    • Acheive proficiency of a new language through an accredited outside program
    • Represent Archmere's GSP mission-based ideals through course-based artistic expression (sculpture, painting, graphic design, short story, poetry, etc.) 
    • Compete in a writing or speech contest focusing on subjects related to global studies 

    Join at least one Archmere-sponsored international travel opportunity:
    • French exchange visit and host
    • Spanish exchange trip visit and host
    • Chinese exchange trip visit and host
    • Any curricular/cultural/spiritual/service travel opportunities: Jamaica, England, Costa Rica, Norbertine heritage, etc.

    Complete a shareable Capstone Project for a GSP Library:
    • Project must be approved and supervised by a member of the GSP committee
    • Student must feature GSP Mission-based personal growth and learning
    • Student must articulate a focused theme or message
    • Project should demonstrate the student's unique/personal talents or skills

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