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  • The tribute video can be watched below, or on the Archmere Academy YouTube Channel.

    A Tribute to Departing Faculty and Staff

    Following the End of Year Mass that streamed live from the Oratory in St. Norbert Hall on Sunday morning, Dr. Marinelli acknowledged four staff members who are leaving Archmere at the end of the 2019-2020 school year. A tribute video filled with photographs and testimonials from alumni, current students, faculty, and staff conveyed the immense impact each staff member has had on the Archmere community over their combined 103 years of service.
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  • Introducing the NHS Leadership Team for 2020-2021

    Congratulations to the National Honor Society Leadership Team for the 2020-2021 academic school year:
    President: Max Iacono
    Vice President: Camron Kaiser
    Senior Officers: Margaret Atkins, Brian Carbajal, Norah Prendergast

    The members of the National Honor Society are recognized for their academic achievement, strength of character, leadership and service to the community. We look forward to their leadership next year!
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  • Auks on Air

    Auks on Air Podcast

    Archmere's Podcast Club was just gaining traction when Covid-19 hit & Archmere transitioned to a virtual learning model. This episode is a retrospective of our first week in quarantine, before we had all of the information that we do now on the pandemic.  Stay tuned for fresh, new content in the fall, including the series "Teacher TAUK," "Sports TAUK" & "Let's TAUK."  Click below to listen to the podcast.
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Campus Happenings

  • Collegiate Athlete Signing Video

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  • Marine Biology Flipgrid Course

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  • Spanish II Letters to St. Francis Healthcare Workers

    7 photo(s)

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  • Alyssa Pierangeli

    National Honor Society Pictures

    Alyssa Pierangeli

    25 photo(s)

    136 view(s)

  • #SeniorStrong

    12 photo(s)

    183 view(s)

  • Digital Photography Earth Day Photos

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  • 2020 Memorial Mass

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  • "Tape People" Art Project

    38 photo(s)

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  • Freshman Field Trip

    14 photo(s)

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  • Winter Musical Batch 1

    96 photo(s)

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  • Winter Musical Batch 2

    105 photo(s)

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  • Winter Musical Batch 3

    101 photo(s)

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  • Horticulture Club

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  • Sports Hall of Fame

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  • Stage Band in San Francisco

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  • Junior Career Day

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  • Historical Funko Pop Characters - AP History

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  • Sociology Mind Maps

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  • Boys Basketball Batch 1

    165 photo(s)

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  • Boys Basketball Batch 2

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