Academic Philosophy

Fostering Growth Through Academics
Archmere’s faith-based liberal arts program of studies challenges all students at College Preparatory, Honors, and Advanced Placement levels to advance their critical thinking, sharpen their academic skills, take ownership of their learning potential, and advocate for their own educational goals so that they can explore and discover new opportunities, experience success, and empower themselves and each other to reach new levels of personal and academic distinction.
Archmere takes particular pride in recognizing and serving various achievement levels among its students, all of whom seek the rigorous mix of challenge and success that suits their strengths across different disciplines. Success in Archmere’s demanding College Prep classes might lead students to advance to its Honors-level courses and later to AP-level classes. It is this flexibility that sets students up for success at Archmere and beyond.
Committed, Caring, Passionate Teachers
Archmere’s greatest asset is its faculty, an experienced, informed, compassionate group of women and men dedicated to their students’ academic growth, excellence, and integrity. Teachers across all disciplines build challenging curricula designed to expand critical thinking skills, stimulate intellectual curiosity, achieve content mastery, and establish academic discipline.
With an average class size of 15, teachers can engage students personally, guiding them to become organized, self-motivated, and ultimately, independent learners. Ready to support their students after class ends, faculty are accessible throughout the school day, before school, during unscheduled periods, and after school until 4:00 p.m.
Archmere faculty members are also actively engaged in students’ extracurricular lives: as academic advisers, mentors, club and organization moderators, and athletic coaches, they help students to live out Archmere’s mission and values—community, respect, zeal, reverence, and wisdom—beyond the classroom walls.

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    Timothy Dougherty 

    Director of Academics; Global Studies Coordinator; English Teacher
    302-798-6632 Ext 735

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Classroom News

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  • Hispanic Heritage Festival

    September 2023

    Students Attend Hispanic Heritage Festival

    On September 17th, Archmere students traveled to Bellevue State Park to attend the Hispanic Heritage Festival. The Festival is held every year in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. The students had an amazing time, enjoying folk dances, beautiful crafts, and tasting delicious tacos and mango water ice. They were able to meet people with Hispanic backgrounds and learn more about their culture.
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  • Archmere Global Studies Program

    May/June 2023

    TEAMS Qualify for Nationals

    TEAMS is a competition of math, science, and engineering requiring students to complete an essay on an engineering topic, a multiple choice exam, and then design and build a device with a specific purpose. Last summer, the team of Michelle Zhang, Sophia Chen, and Andy Zhu competed at the national TEAMS competition in Dallas, TX. The team's competition was highlighted by a 2nd place finish in the design build portion of the competition and they were top 10 in the multiple choice portion.

    This year, based upon qualification from the state competition, there were two teams that have qualified for the TEAMS national competition in Louisville, KY. The team of Michelle Zhang, Sophia Chen, Andy Zhu, and David Cui plus the team of Justin Flenner, Gavin Nguyen, Miguel Zavala and Alex Bogey have qualified.

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  • Sophia Chen '24 and Michelle Zhang '24

    April 2023

    National Chemistry Olympiad Exam

    On Friday April 21, Archmere hosted the Delaware National Chemistry Olympiad Exam sponsored by the Delaware section of the American Chemical Society. Eleven students from Delaware qualified to take the day-long exam. The exam included multiple choice and open-ended questions as well as a self-directed lab exercise. Sophia Chen '24 and Michelle Zhang '24 represented Archmere at the event.
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I took advantage of the many AP courses offered at Archmere. As a result of a rigorous schedule, I entered college as a sophomore. I found the classwork at one of the top 10 schools in the nation to be 'less' demanding than my courses at Archmere, and I was tremendously well-prepared for my future academic career. I cannot possibly imagine any other school delivering an even remotely comparable experience.

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