"The Addams Family" Wins Two Cappies Awards

The Cappies, "Critics and Awards Program," is a program through which high school theater and journalism students are trained as critics, attend shows at other schools, write reviews, and publish those reviews. Getting published earns a critic points towards that critic award. Archmere's winter musical, The Addams Family, was a Cappies show this year, and hosted over forty critics from all over the Philly area.

Earlier this spring, The Addams Family was nominated for eight Cappies Awards. On Sunday, May 19th, the cast and crew attended the Fourteenth Annual Cappies Gala. The Gala, an end of the season "Tonys-like celebration", highlights all nominated high school shows through performances, and the final Cappies Awards are presented. Awards are given for performance, non-performance, and best critics. 
Kyla McAvinue '19 was the recipient of the Cappies Award for Comic Actress in a Musical and Kyla McAvinue '19 and Jayna Cabry '19 were the recipients of the Hair and Makeup Cappies Award. 

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