Father John Zagarella Leads Assembly on his Recent Travels to Slovakia

During the school wide assembly this week, Father Zagarella spoke to the students about his connection with a fellow Norbertine school in Slovakia, Premonštrátske Gymnázium. Father spent two weeks in Slovakia this summer, teaching English and discussing the American education system. Abbot Štrbák and two of his colleagues, Daniela Kravecova and Katarina Semanova, made a few remarks to the students at the conclusion of Father Zagarella's presentation, and also extended a warm welcome to our students to come and visit their school. Our visitors then attended Mass and Father Zagarella's 7th period Norbertine Spirituality class.
Father Zagarella recently reflected on his travels, writing: 

Within the last 6 months, I had the unique honor and privilege of being invited abroad by two of our Canonries, one in Slovakia (Jasov) and the other in India (Mananthavady), to teach the Norbertine school students in both countries. 
In July, I was invited to teach Slovakian students English at a sister Norbertine school, after Abbot Ambroz, the Headmaster and Abbot, learned about my Norbertine Spirituality course. I visited the secondary grammar (high) school in Kosice, Slovakia and spent two weeks teaching the students about the United States of America and also about Saint Norbert.  
This fall, I traveled to Bangalore, India and visited several Norbertine schools and parishes. One of my jobs in both locations was to bridge the miles that separate these students from their Archmere "cousins" via our common Norbertine heritage. I even taught them the Archmere Prayer.
For pictures of the assembly, click here.