Terry Newitt Receives Carl Campion Service Award

On Thursday, January 30, 2020, Archmere Headmaster Dr. Michael Marinelli '76 presented Mr. Terry Newitt with the Carl Campion Service Award during the Catholic Schools Week Assembly. This award recognizes a (current/former) faculty/staff member’s devoted and exceptional service to the Archmere Academy community. The award is an opportunity to acknowledge an individual whose work ethic, humility, integrity and spirit have made the Archmere community a better place over time. Mr. Newitt's service has been integral in furthering the school’s mission and in creating the unique, welcoming place that is Archmere. 
Archmere Principal Mr. John Jordan '80 introduced the award to the student body, quoting Mr. Newitt's Academic Self-Assessment this year:

“I have a goal of trying to treat each student uniquely. How can I skill build with each student individually as opposed to whole groups? What makes each student tick? Trying to do this, trying to stay fresh, takes effort. I feel I can never teach my subject the same as I taught the years before. There are always new wrinkles to add or perhaps lessons or parts of lessons that now need to be reconsidered…. [Mr. Newitt concludes with] My goals are to continue to be the best teacher I can possibly be. Just maybe, one of these years I shall get it right! I feel blessed.”

On May 19, 2010, Terry Newitt was honored with the David and Mary Ann Barnard Master Teacher Award, recognizing his continued excellence in the classroom and for his contribution to the school’s academic community. Terry was also recognized as Delaware Art Educator of the Year (2004) by the Delaware Foundation for the Visual Arts.