Archmere Students Raise Money for Philadelphia Rugby Team

“Against the odds. Together as one.”
In honor of Black History Month, our students held a Tag Day today to benefit “The Nomads”, a North Philadelphia rugby program formed in 2013 after the Philadelphia School District closed 23 schools, displacing many students, in order to save $24 million. The Nomads Rugby Club, comprised of some of the student body’s most troubled students, was formed to help students develop camaraderie with their peers and provide an outlet for their energy while keeping them safe after school.
At the end of the day Archmere students had the privilege of watching the movie, The Nomads, a movie based on the real-life North Philly Nomads starring Tika Sumpter and Tate Donovan. The movie was filmed in Philadelphia in 2018 by Brandon Eric Kamin, owner of Bear Bear Productions, and Creative Director and Producer of Archmere’s 2019 video, This. Is. Archmere. Brandon fielded questions from the student body after the movie, and delivered a signed movie poster to the school.
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