Gregory Jasani '10 Fights COVID-19 Crisis in Baltimore

Gregory Jasani '10, a resident at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, shares frontline details about what it has been like fighting the pandemic from a Maryland emergency room.

"I think the thing that the public doesn’t know or doesn’t appreciate is the sense of dread that we feel as a result of this. At least in Maryland, we’re slowly starting to see the uptick in patients,...
...I don’t think we’ve quite reached our max yet, it hasn’t gotten as bad as it’s going to be, but we all know that it’s coming. Every day you just walk in and you think ‘oh man, what is it going to be today?’ You know it’s going to be worse than the day before, but in your mind you’re just wondering how much worse. We’re doing the best that we can, but a lot of us feel like we’re just fighting a tsunami against this, and you know it’s going to keep going and going."

    • Gregory Jasani '10

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