Christian Miller '21 Organizes Food Drive for Latin American Community Center

Archmere senior Christian Miller has organized a fundraising/food drive effort for the Hispanic community in Wilmington. Working with fellow seniors Paul Pomeroy and Ethan Ferreira, the trio has made it their goal to raise $4000 (or more) for the Wilmington Latin American Community Center (LACC). Any and all donations are applied directly to the LACC to help feed families in need.
Christian Miller ’21:
As you may know, the pandemic has hit the Hispanic community significantly harder than many other ethnic groups in America. Due to the higher fraction of Hispanic people in labor and service positions (jobs considered “essential”), more Hispanics have faced exposure to the disease and therefore have a health risk proportionately higher than other demographics with less exposure. Somewhat paradoxically, the Hispanic community has faced the highest unemployment fallout as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. As a Puerto Rican American, I’ve been following the situation, and I decided that I want to do something to help. I asked a few of my friends whether they’d like to help out and they were very receptive to the idea of setting up a food drive in their neighborhoods in order to maximize results. Beforehand, though, I contacted the Latin American Community Center (LACC) in Wilmington in order to get approval to donate to them the food so the staff there can distribute it. According to the LACC, $50 feeds a family for a week, so we set our bar pretty high in order to try to help more families in need. The food drive will be running in each of our 3 neighborhoods from July 4 through, again, August 14. 
To learn more and donate to their fundraiser, visit their Facebook page here.
    • Rising Seniors Christian Miller, Paul Pomeroy and Ethan Ferreira

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