Natalie O’Neill ‘21 Wins Leadership Award

Every year, Widener University in partnership with NBC10 recognizes a handful of local high school students that make positive change in their school and community. This year, Natalie O'Neill '21 was selected as a winner of the Widener University High School Leadership Awards.
A self-advocate in the classroom, Natalie has learned what study habits work best for her learning style. She leads by example by participating fully during class, helps other students stay on track, asks questions, and reaches out for help when she needs it. Natalie's willingness to help her classmates shows the entire Archmere community that she's someone you can always count on.

"Winning this leadership award made me realize how much I have an impact on others. Leadership doesn't only mean being kind and standing up for what is right, but it's also working hard and pushing yourself to do better," said Natalie. "I won my leadership award because I am optimistic, I stand up for what is right, and I pushed myself academically when I was struggling in school. It's important to make a difference wherever you go because that's how people will remember you. I'm inspired to be a leader from the saying "Treat others the way you want to be treated." By showing respect, kindness to others, and lifting people up when they're down, allows me to be a good role model."

Natalie never gives up. Her tenacity is unmatched, and she leads on a daily basis by modeling perseverance, positivity, and enthusiasm. Congratulations on winning the Widener University High School Leadership Award, Natalie!

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