Monthly College Counseling Update: January 2021

Junior Career Day

We were thrilled to be able to deliver Junior Career Day this month! Archmere parent and PwC Advisory Principal Brad Denning kicked off the day with a keynote emphasizing taking risks, exploration, and being willing to not always follow the crowd. We welcomed twenty speakers to engage students in-person and virtually about their diverse careers. Students were able to choose to attend four presentations and all students participated in two reflection activities. This year’s roster of presenters included seventeen alumni and Archmere parents. We’d like to thank all of them for sharing their time and knowledge and are also extremely appreciative of the teachers and administrators who volunteered to help pull off the program. Congratulations to Ms. Souza-Reigner for the flawless coordination!
College Decisions and Timelines

Some seniors are receiving a mini-round of later-early action decisions (perhaps an oxymoron?). As application numbers begin to increase, many schools have decided to release their decisions in January and even early February instead of the tradition pre-Christmas blitz. Villanova, Richmond, UNC, Virginia, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Northeastern and several other schools have recently, or will soon, release decisions. The final round of application decisions will be released in March with some schools announcing release dates as late as April. Semester grades will be sent to all active application schools next week and all students are encouraged to stay engaged with admission offices, send application and interest updates, and check their application portals.
Class of 2022

We’ve just about completed Junior Introductory Meetings with the Class of 2022 and started College Seminar class with them at the start of the semester. About 50 students sat for a practice SAT test last week and registration is available for the in-school SATs on March 3rd and April 27th at Archmere. All juniors received an email from Mr. Jezyk on 1/7/21 to register. Family meetings will start in early March. Our testing webinar will take place on February 1st at 6:30 - we will welcome Matt Steiner from Compass Prep. 
Archmere and Beyond 

We had the pleasure of also getting to know the future of Archmere by participating in the Admission Office’s Archmere and Beyond program. We’d like to thank Mrs. Lightcap and her team for allowing us to share what we do with prospective families. We’re also extremely grateful to the Archmere seniors that eloquently articulated their college search and application experiences to guests. Thank you to Alex Lu, Caroline Ho, Katie Yakovenko, and Brian Carbajal for volunteering their time to help with the presentation. 
Archmere Academy is a private, Catholic, college preparatory co-educational academy,
grades 9-12 founded in 1932 by the Norbertine Fathers.