Olivia Reese ‘22 Wins Leadership Award

Every year, Widener University, in partnership with NBC10, recognizes a handful of local high school students that make positive changes in their school and community. This year, Olivia Reese ‘22 was selected as a winner of the Widener University High School Leadership Awards.
Thriving under pressure, Olivia not only excels in the rigorous academic environment of Archmere Academy but also outside the classroom as a fierce advocate. Her passion for social justice shows through her activities at school. She is an active member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion club, assists with developing student programming for the club, and participated in the bias reporting policy subcommittee.  Olivia plans to become a lawyer. 

“To me, leadership is being able to amplify the voices in the community around me and make sure everyone is heard, as well as standing up for those who are unable to, or who are being looked over,” said Olivia. “Not only has Archmere prepared me to take on leadership roles, but has provided me with many opportunities to be in those roles.”

Olivia’s tenacity and passion for justice are unmatched. She leads on a daily basis by modeling positivity and enthusiasm. Congratulations on winning the Widener University High School Leadership Award, Olivia! 

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