September 2022

Mandarin/Chinese Classes Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

This month the Mandarin Chinese classes celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival. They learned one of the legends, a love story about "Chang-er and Hou-Yi." Hou-Yi, the Lord Archer, was Chang-er's husband, who was strong and shot nine suns off.; Chang-er took the Elixir of life pill and flew to the moon. 
Moon cake and mochi are symbolic food to have at Mid-Autumn Festival. Students made mocha mochi and solved the riddle (Honors Chinese IV) at the end of the celebration. 

Festival pictures

2022-2023 Student Council Officers Installed

The newly elected members of the 2022-2023 Student Council were installed before their classmates at a ceremony in the Theater on Wednesday, September 21. Mr. Mike Johnson is the Student Council Moderator.

Executive Council
President: Maya Shah '23
Alicia Chu '24
Drew Clark '23
David Cui '24
Jess Lattanzi '23

Class of 2023
President: Katie Benson
Gianni Capano
Gillie Hendrixson
Jess Grier
Chris Treston
Tyler Vanson

Class of 2024
President: Ceci Connolly
Gabi Fernandez
Megan Foster
Joey Fredericks
Grace Koch
Lucy Oliver

Class of 2025
President: Zimo Liu
Arlene Chiu
Jillian Hamberger
Abby Im
Trevor Smith
Brianna Yang

Forensic Science Class Creates Crime Scenes

This week the Forensic Science Class collected physical evidence and made rough sketches of their crime scenes, which were set up around the Science building. The class has been focused on learning about the investigation of fingerprinting, fiber analysis, ballistics, arson, trace evidence analysis, poisons, drugs, blood spatters, and blood samples. Students are taught the proper collection, preservation, and laboratory analysis of various samples. After creating their crime scenes, they investigated their peers' crime scenes and collected evidence to take back to the lab for analysis.

Crime scene pictures

Article by Archmere Teacher Mr. Matt Chominski Published in Golfer's Journal

Here are some photos from Forensics today.  The students created crime scenes and then other students went in to investigate the crime scene and collect evidence to take back to the lab.Mr. Matthew Chominski, Theology Department Chair and Teacher, recently had an article published in the Golfer's Journal titled, "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Lessons in history, the future and ball striking in a chance exploration of Merion's famed archives."


Congratulations to the members of the 2022 - 2023 Mastersingers. The following students have been chosen to be part of this year's group:

Ava Courtney (I) ‘23 
Cayli Carter (II) ‘23 
Maile Gutsche (I) ‘23 
*Vivian Lehman (II) ‘25 
Bridget McNamara (II) ‘25 
*Shripraba Narayanan (I) ‘25 
*Aza Nyzio (II) ‘25 
Amanda Ricci (I) ‘24 

*Caileigh Crane ‘25 
*Brianna Cubbler ‘26 
Gabi Fernandez ‘24 
*Bridget Holmes ‘23 
Roisin Liew ’23 
*Maggie Shelton ‘24 

Alex Belmont ‘23 
*Don Bogey ‘26 
Jack Maister ‘24 
Jack Roarty ‘24 

Aidan Bellew (II) ‘23 
*Brady Bellew (I) ‘25 
Jack Chesman (I) ‘25 
*Matt Hendrix (II) ‘25 
Nate Morda (I) ‘23 
*Jonah Tonn (II)‘24 
*Chris Treston (II) ‘23 

* New Member

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