March 2023

Painting Class Celebrates Women's History Month

Can you name three women artists? Most people cannot! In celebration of Women's History Month, Mrs. Silverman's Painting class has been learning about and researching women artists to ensure that students are familiar with the amazing creative contributions of female artists to the continuum of art history. The class just finished assembling their "mystery squares" painting assignment. For this collaborative class project, students were each assigned a mystery tile from the painting Sequins (2003) by American realist artist Janet Fish' (born 1938). Students were challenged to recreate the colors and shapes in their assigned mystery square as accurately as possible, so that when the pieces of this group "painting puzzle" project were assembled, they would connect seamlessly. The primary learning objective beyond the acquisition of technical skills mixing and applying acrylic paint, was to deepen the students' understanding that abstraction is inherent in all realism.
Ryan Dam '26 Competes in Delaware Concerto Competition

Helena Raskob Arts Institute String Ensemble cellist Ryan Dam '26, was the Runner-Up in the 13-15 Age Division of the Delaware Concerto Competition for Young Musicians, sponsored by The Music School of Delaware. Ryan is a student of Jennifer Stomberg, The Music School of Delaware Suzuki Academy Cello Instructor. He performed a movement from the Haydn Cello Concerto No. 1 in C Major.
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