Isabelle Hanlon '21 Assists Tulane University in Glass Recycling Initiative

Isabelle Hanlon ‘21 serves as the Executive President for the Residence Hall Association at Tulane University, serving all undergraduate students. Through her position, she works directly with a nonprofit organization, Glass Half Full, and the Board of Directors at Tulane University to enact campus-wide glass recycling for all students. Since the city of New Orleans does not have any public or citywide glass recycling, any glass that is used ends up in a landfill. More importantly, Louisiana loses about a football field of land everyday due to coastal erosion. This issue has posed a significant threat for the citizens of Louisiana, specifically those who reside near the coast. 

The glass that is collected through recycling, is brought back to the Glass Half Full Headquarters where it is pulverized and processed until it becomes as fine as sand. The newly processed “sand” is then packaged and allocated towards restoring Louisiana's coastal erosion. Tulane University is now the first institution in New Orleans that has free glass recycling.
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