Fall Athletes, Teams Earn Conference/District Awards

Congratulations to all of our fall athletes who were named to the Diamond State All-Conference teams and the All-District team for football. All-State information is forthcoming.
Diamond State All-Conference Selections
The following players earned Diamond State Conference honors this fall:
Field Hockey
Maura Read ’25 - 1st Team All-Conference
Katie Schaller ’24 - 1st Team All-Conference
Madeleine Cowan ’24 - 1st Team All-Conference
Ava Hughes ’24 - 1st Team All-Conference
Bella Hughes ’24 - 2nd Team All-Conference
Kirsten Wenger ’25 - 2nd Team All-Conference
Carly Polsky ’25 - 2nd Team All-Conference
Sarah Dahms ’26 - Honorable Mention All-Conference

Girls Cross Country:
Maddie Priest - 1st Team All-Conference
Helen Socorso - 1st Team All-Conference
Alaina Thomas - 1st Team All-Conference

Anna Benner - 2nd Team All-Conference
Peyton Bale - 2nd Team All-Conference
Molly Felice - 2nd Team All-Conference

Ella Taggart - 3rd Team All-Conference
Bella Doncel - 3rd Team All-Conference

Boys Cross Country:
Richie Angiullo – 1st Team All-Conference
Camilo Alvarez - 1st Team All-Conference
Owen Parsons - 1st Team All-Conference

Aidan Mahon - 2nd Team All-Conference

Colin Phillips '27 – 3rd Team All-Conference
Jason Lotkowski ’24 - 1st Team All-Conference
Ethan Beach ’26 - 1st Team All-Conference
Alex Passehl ’24 - 1st Team All-Conference
Charlie Malloy ’25 - 2nd Team All-Conference
Ryan Smith ’24 - 2nd Team All-Conference
Michael Burgo ’25 - Honorable Mention All-Conference  
Cecilia Connolly ’24 - 1st Team All-Conference
Katie Kuehl ’24 - 1st Team All-Conference
Autumn Richardson-Peters ’24 - 2nd Team All-Conference
Ella Strohmaier ’24 - 2nd Team All-Conference
Daphne Addo ’24 - Honorable Mention All-Conference
2023 Football All-District Team
Cole Fenice ’24 - District Defensive Player of the Year, 1st Team Offense (RB), 1st Team Defense 
(LB), 1st Team Special (Punter)
Drew Duncan ’24 - 1st Team Offense (WR) 
Brendan Burke ’24 - 1st Team Offense (TE) 
Joshua Cox ’26 - 1st Team Offense (OG), 1st Team Defense (DT) 

Jack Dellose ’24 - District Lineman of the Year, 1st Team Offense (OT), 1st Team Defense(DE) 
Miles Kempski ’24 - 1st Team Defense (DB), 2nd Team Offense (QB) 

Phillip Blessington ’24 - 2nd Team Offense (FB), 2nd Team Defense (LB) 
Gavin Lee ’24 - 2nd Team Offense (WR) 
Cullen Peterson ’25 - 2nd Team Offense (Center) 
Micheal Donovan '26 - 2nd Team Defense (DB)

Ryan Hagenberg ’26 - Honorable Mention Offense (RB) 
Jack Chesman ’25 - Honorable Mention Defense (DE) 
John Bellace - District Coach of the Year 
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