Monthly College Counseling Update: February 2024

Application decision releases for seniors are still trickling out as schools have begun to vary their release dates. However, it’s also a great time for the College Counseling Office to start Junior Family Meetings before a big wave of regular decision releases in mid to late March for the Class of 2024. Family Meetings started last week and will hopefully end around Easter break. We encourage students to schedule their meetings in the near future.
Career Networking and College Programming Day

February 7th was an exciting day for our office. We welcomed over 40 young alumni back to campus to participate in two different programs. Seniors visited with over 30 young alumni from numerous different areas of employment as a part of our Senior Class Young Alumni Networking program and the Class of 2025 & ’26 participated in a Young Alumni College & Career Panel. The panel presentation was a Q&A that dealt with the very specific to the very broad about college and career opportunities and decisions. While this was going on, the Class of 2027 participated in the Great Sorting Game which allowed our office to share healthy messages about preparation for college and a future admission process, as well as the work we will do with them in the future. A big thank you to Mrs. Soler for coordinating our career programs and everyone on campus that assisted with the programming. We’re hoping to attract even more alumni for next year’s program. 
Class of 2024

It’s time to start planning out returning to campus, registering for accepted student days, and beginning to adjust a thought process toward final decision. FAFSA delays may cause many or most schools to extend their enrollment deadlines and provide more time to make the decision. However, the difference between May 1st and May 15th isn’t much, especially when we realize that this is the two weeks of AP testing for students. Plan accordingly, ask College Counseling questions when they arise, and good luck deciding on future communities that will embrace and motivate our Archmere students. 
Class of 2025

This cycle's College Seminar topic was college visits. We discussed how to prepare for visits, how to best engage and learn while on campus, and how to share appreciation and excitement for a university post-visit. We also recommended that if students plan to visit colleges over Easter break that they schedule the visits now. We’ve already been informed of schools being full for visit days over the Easter break. We also promote students scheduling visits themselves, and they were all shown how to go about doing this. 
Class of 2026

All students have completed their initial CIALFO training and homework assignment. Parents will get their access prior to next school year. Please ask your student to show you the system and the career inventory surveys that they completed. 
Class of 2027

Messages shared during the Great Sorting Game were the importance of transitioning to Archmere socially and academically. Seeking out help from teachers and counselors is critical if a student is not happy or performing to their expectations. We also preached curiosity and a willingness to explore inside and out of the college process. There will be an opportunity for first year students to meet with a college counselor over the summer. These optional meetings will be advertised in June. 
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