2016 Alumni Sports Hall of Fame Banquet

The 2016 Archmere Alumni Sports Hall of Fame Banquet was held on Friday, February 19th in The Patio. Four individuals who have made incredible impact on Archmere's sports' history were inducted to the Hall of Fame: Harry Chaykun '64, Joe Clark '77, Maria Cole Rappucci '94, and Nick Sanna '98.

Two teams were also recognized in honor of their State Championship wins: the 1986 Girl's Volleyball Team and the 1986 Girl's Tennis Team. Tennis teammates and friends Ann Lenkiewicz Grim '86 and Kelly Gilboyne Rasero '86 joined Coach Nancy Keiper to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their team's state championship win.

Over 100 guests attended this year's event, including numerous alumni, former and current faculty, and families of the inductees.

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