The college admission process, because it involves a plan for the future, a range of options, and a good dose of uncertainty, can be exciting, daunting, and empowering.  The College Counseling team works to assist students in identifying their strengths, aspirations, priorities, and goals through a process of self-reflection.  This enables us to support students in charting a course to find the best possible post-secondary fit(s).   We encourage students to take the lead in this process in order to maximize individual growth and ensure that the journey best prepares them for future success in college and beyond.  However, students will not fly solo during this journey.  The College Counseling Office, and the entire Archmere community, will join students, and their families, to create a support network to lessen the anxiety and stress that comes with the college search and application process.
    • Class of 2016
Archmere offers a comprehensive College Counseling program available to all students and families.   The progressive college programming provides insight and informs families about the college admission process throughout a student’s high school years.  Accessibility and an open door policy for students and parents promotes conversation from casual to formal.  Constant discussions between students and counselors, as well as individual reflection on the part of a student, aid counselors in understanding a student’s aspirations and provides counselors the ability to suggest post-secondary options that families can investigate.   Early college programming and conversations in the freshman, sophomore and junior year will provide students with the opportunity to become better informed and more comfortable with the college process, thus alleviating some stress. This ‘information’ will come from the counseling staff as well as college admission personnel.  Numerous college admission professionals, from schools around the country, will participate in Archmere programming.  Giving students access to admission representatives early and often provides students with greater confidence and comfort in communicating with colleges and also provides additional resources for questions, answers, and peace of mind. 
Finding the right fit is the ultimate goal of this process.  We will use our knowledge and resources to assist students from start to finish.  Counselors will shepherd, challenge, suggest and inform students and families while also serving as a strong advocates during the search, application and decision process.  It is important that students do not envision the college search as a race to the finish.  “Getting in,” while exciting, is simply a stage in the process.  We believe the growth opportunities for a student in this process are extremely valuable.  Students will better develop their Scientia during this journey, taking the knowledge and skills they’ve learned from their Archmere education and applying them to their education and futures.  The college search process will challenge and better develop a student’s ability to prioritize, meet deadlines, self advocate, communicate, reflect, plan for the future, be a savvy consumer and make adult decisions.  All of these are practical skills that will better equip them for the rigors of college and their futures beyond higher education. 
This process rewards students that put in time and effort.  The College Counseling Office looks forward to working with every individual student on their college search process.  We will ride the roller coaster together, celebrating, commiserating, and yes, even enjoying the process.  All Archmere students will find a college (unless they choose another path, which will also be supported!) that they will call home, a school that they will thrive both academically and socially.  Their next alma mater!

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  • February 2017

    Rising Seniors

    College Counseling has begun family meetings with the Class of 2018 to discuss college searches and plans moving forward. They will continue into April. 
    Upcoming Programs

    We will be offering an Academy Admissions program after school on March 3rd. Mary O'Connor, Academy Liaison for Rep. Costello will be presenting. Also, on March 28th we will offer a Why Business program to help student learn more about majors and careers in the business field. 

    Sat and ACT Deadlines

    The late registration deadline for juniors to take the March SAT's at Archmere is February 28th, and the deadline for the April ACTs is in the first week of April.
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    Director of College Counseling
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  • Ms. Catherine Souza 

    Associate Director of College Counseling
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    College Counseling Office Assistant
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